Wednesday, June 03, 2009 is down and open letter to the officials

This is an unofficial announcement for web hosting service provider. I am one of the users for this service provider and since 1st June 2009 onwards, the web host seems to be disappearing from the cyberspace. Any access attempt to the website will bring you to the classical network timeout default page. This is not the first time the has been down for several days.
Until now, as I speak ( or write ) there is no news or announcement released by the officials, nor any notice served to brief their users on what is happening at the moment. Attempt to contact the staff proofed to be impossible.
For those users who are panicking on whether your precious files will be lost within their servers, I should say rest assured. I managed to login to the FTP services ( albeit the extremely slow respond from the server) and as I speak, I am in the midst of migrating all my web files from their server to my backup drive.
I am searching for a more reliable web host service provider and even thought has provided the tools and functionality that I need, but sadly the uptime is not even up to the standard of a web host provider. I am not considering of going back to unless the officials gave assurance to the uptime and be more proactive in making announcements regarding to the server problem. If you announce and explain the matter to the members, at least we are all prepared, not left in the dark and still support your products.
I hope this little piece of news may somehow turned up in the Google search on those members who desperately seek any kind of news regarding to Any questions please post on the comments and I will try my best to help. Cheers!
UPDATED 04/06/09 11:00pm. finally back online. Hope it didn’t go down again!
UPDATED 06/06/09. is down again! And this time no FTP access too! I had it enough, and migrating to other server service provider.
UPDATED 12/06/09. 1103pm BST After almost 1 week of downtime, seems to be back online again. For those who haven’t backup their data, please do so NOW. It is like a roller coaster ride in for the past 2 weeks!!!


Del_Duio said...

Yeah, I'm having the same problem as my site there has been down for days now too.

I really wish they'd e-mail us and give advance warning when they do this kind of thing. It used to be rampant but I think this is only the 2nd time this year it's been down for an extended time.

Good luck to us both!

Anonymous said... is DOWN again.

What happend ??

bigfish said...

It's been down for over a week!

Mygames19 said...

The site's still down! It's been on and off for months now and I don't get it! They used to have wonderful service!...

If only I could find a website as reliable as SiteSled in it's heyday...

Robb said...

They've been playing this cat & mouse game since mid '97, altho' it hasn't been as long or protracted as this before.

I have backed the 'sled thru all this crap, but no more. I've been with 'em since '95 and I sent an email thru HonestNetworks telling them that they have lost me as a SiteSled customer and will definately NOT go back to a paid account with them thru the HN system.

Good idea to grab your files when (if??) they come back online. And delete everything. And fire off an email or 5 expressing rage / anger / frustration, etc

Anonymous said...

hello there

i had the same problems with sitesled.

i moved my site at 000webhost

i also used a counter from pax[.]com

good luck to you

Rene said...

It back today!

MarkKB said...

While the site's back up, it seems FTP access, the forums and the KB are giving errors. There was a brief window when they were working, but now they aren't.

Del_Duio said...

^^ Yeah same here ^^

I can't log in because it doesn't recognize my account name, yet my pages are all still there (I just can't actually DO anything with them.)

I tried the forums for about a week and everytime I get some critical error and it doesn't go to the correct page. I tried their help ticket system and each time they don't go through. In fact it looks like every aspect of Sitesled's options on the left-hand side of their home page doesn't work!

Where's this guy's e-mail? Why isn't there some mention of the catastophe his site's been going through now for at least 2 weeks? If I didn't have so many hits still this wouldn't be a problem but I'd really like to at least update my homepage one final time saying something about their ineptitude.

george lim said...

Hello Del_Duio! I have since changed my server host so Haven't notice the ongoing problems. But thanks to all who contribute in the comments, at least everyone will have an idea on what happen now.

Oh, and I just came back from a very long holiday overseas, so hasn't been able to keep tab on the progress. ;) Anyway, maybe it is time for us to move to other host? I know it is a painful process, but heck the people not giving any supports or words. So I made the decision to switch.

Good luck mate!

SiteSled said...


I wanted to respond to your post regarding SiteSled's continued downtime over the last several months.

It is true that we've experienced several extended outages, and communication has been spotty. The current software has been in use on SiteSled and our other free hosts since 1998, and is no longer supported with updates. This has caused several issues, which we are still working to solve.

We recommend that you do make a copy of your data, so you have it in case of emergency. We have been installing a new software suite that will allow us to offer a wide range of additional features on and it's new sister site. We hope to be able to port over the old sites, but this has not been confirmed yet.

We will try to keep you informed, but again, our current software has very limited communication abilities.

We appreciate your support through the rough times, and hope to provide you with additional services in the future.


Sitesled said...

We are now accepting signups again.

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