Monday, May 04, 2009

New blog layout- web 2.0 fully compliant

Hello all, as you might have noticed, I have revamped the blog layout, with a few extra things added for ease of use. Feel free to roam around the blog and report back to me if you encounter any errors or bugs.

Please do understand that this layout is still in a beta testing stage and I am still having a little bit problem of tweaking the location arrangement of the post title and date. ( It supposed to be TITLE, then followed by date stamp, not the other way around). If anyone wanted to help out on solving the problem, be my guest mate! haha…

Other changes will be implemented into the new layout as well, such as RSS feed is easier to accessed by using the top tabs, I included my Flickr URL on the top of the page. Now you can always come back to the main page by just clicking on the HOME tab on the top right of your browser.

More will come… Just give me some more time.. Haha!


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