Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ahoj Prague! Europe tour Day 1

Hello all! Yes I just came back from the fantastic sole traveller travel across Central Europe and still in one piece! Haha!

Right now straight to the main story as promised on the previous post, First day --- Praha (prague) Czech Republic!

Extremely early in the morning, 5 o’clock to be précised, I arrived at the EMA to get this extremely early flight to Prague. Why that early you asked? Ha, because Ryanair offers the flight for only 4 pounds, that’s why…

On the plane moments before taking off.

About 2 and a half hours later, I reached to a foreign land where English is not the first language. Oh dear… I am sure will have more adventures!

To get from the airport to the city, I opted for the cheapest option—52 koruna ( about 2 pound) which will get the number 100 bus to the nearest metro station. Oh, the metro ticket is included with that price too. Half an hour trip and yes I arrived in the central of the Praha!

Yes that is my hostel, and it is not haunted.

My hostel is absolutely wonderful, and the best thing is it provided normal bedding, not bunk bed for the price of only about 10 Pounds a night! Great! If you wanted to stay there, here is the URL for the Riverbank Hostel Peter, who is quite fluent in English welcomed me to Prague. He shown me the room and the hostel facilities, and gave me a quick briefing on recommended place to eat, and tourist attractions. He even gave me the map and recommended the walking plan for my whole trip. Fab services!

After freshen up, to the Lesser Town (Old town) I went!

Why don't the graffiti in the UK all look like this? Nobody will complain if graffiti is supposed to look that good.

First thing I saw, a graffiti! A very meaningful graffiti to be exact, it is shaped as an infinity symbol, with the tanks and earth diggers lined up in front of one and another in that symbol.

From what I can interpret, it means the endless circle of wars ( tanks) and reconstructions (earth diggers). The artists ( can i call them that? this piece of work is so good) have expressed their view of what is happening lately in the world; with all the wars and re-construction happening, when will there be an end to war and stop re-construction—to move forward? Well, your guess is as good as theirs.


Reached the High Street. Wonderful buildings architecture.

Check this out!

Reached Obecní dům... Seriously, I am not making it up. It is the building name. Yes Obecní dům-- means municipal House. The perfect Art Nouveau structure in Prague.


And it is me!

The mosaic arranging in Municipal House


Prague typical road sign

View from the Powder tower


Powder Tower roof top

me me!

After a short walk to the town, I went straight to the famous astronomical clock! The person who built this clock is absolutely brilliant!

On each start of the hour start, the figures play the same scene: Death rings the death knell and turns an hour glass upside down. The 12 Apostles proceed along the little windows which open before the chimes, and in the end of the chimes, the cockerel flaps its wings and crows. To the right of Death, a Turk wags his head. Two figures on the left are allegories of Greed and Vanity. (reference: Insight city guide Prague by Discovery Channel 2005)

I will upload the youtube video later on how it actually looks while it was chiming.

Orloj or Astronomical clock standing majestically in the Lesser Town.

close up of the clock, top is the clock, bottom is a calendar, not just Roman Calendar, it has Lunar calendar too!


Your clock manual courtesy of wikipedia.

Me posed in front of the clock!

If you want to know more of the clock and wanted to see the clock mechanism, please visit and


So where will I go next? Check back here tomorrow for more!


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