Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Online digital photo printing service – FREE photo prints website

Recently I searched in Google trying to get the best price and best print quality for the enlargement of my photos due for exhibition submission. As I have learned from the experience, the pricing of the prints alone, doesn't necessary the final price you pay. Handy tips to ponder to get you the most valued price.

1) price per print.
This is usually categorized by the size of the photos you are printing. A typical 6" X 4" print will cost you around 5p for each print. You can choose between glossy and matt coating. BUT, there is emerging trend that many online printing websites giving out FREE print credit for the first time user.

FREE PRINTS (free 20 prints),

PhotoBox photobox (free 40 prints), 

WHSmith (partnership with 30prints)

klick, partnership with snapfish (40 prints),


Jessops J Print ( 40 prints free)

2) handling charge
Yes, this is the case for some printing service providers, some of them already included that into the price per print. So don't be surprise if your invoice did come with a handling charge. A example is the website. However, it shouldn't exceed 1 pound per order ( no matter how many photos you print in 1 order.)

3) Delivery Charge
You have to be aware that some providers did charge you a high price for the delivery, some calculate the postage by the weight, others calculated it by how many photos you printed. The postage charge for a typical 50 prints will be in £1.49 -- £2.49 range. Some providers offered a collect in the store offer, like Tesco and Jessops which will save you from paying for the postage.

By taking into accord all these charges, you will now know the true price per print photos.


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