Friday, February 20, 2009

Severn Valley Railway Steam locomotive to Bridgnorth + Derby Trip

Alright! This is a combined post. 2 in 1. But one get another free. Haha!

Let’s talk about my first experience in a Steam train. Location: Kidderminster to Bridgnorth. Some people might ask why suddenly wanna use steam train? Electric train faster! Of course electric train is faster and more efficient, but haven’t you notice that diesel trains and electric trains are too mechanical, too artificial? No sense of excitement? Unlike the modern trains, watching and sitting in a steam train is filled with excitement and magical. My heart kept thumping in rhythm with the gushing sound from the steam locomotive!

It is hard to descript the feeling, it is just like when you watch Harry Potter the movie, when they depart from King Cross Station to Hogsworth by the Steam train, you shared the same kind of excitement! yes that’s it! That is the feeling! Oh, and just to let you know, you can actually feel that the steam train is alive!


Steam train!!!


The interior of the steam train carriage. By the way, The guy in the red shirt looks like George Bush Jr. WTF…


As you can see from the photo, most are elderly people who boarded this train.

–_-“ I sat opposite 2 elderly women, and they started to describe how they loved this train and they brought me into their memory lane ( with violin playing in the background in my head!) The ladies told me that their father used to be a steam train driver, and told them a lot of steam train related stories. My remember most vividly that their father used to jump to the ground from the locomotive while near the station to pick up some wild mushrooms and jump back up again so that when he is back from work, they all can have the mushroom as breakfast ( mushroom is part of the English breakfast “must have”). Until today, they still possessed his work badge which clearly written London, Midland and Scottish Railway.


oh this heritage rail track has also renovated and beautified the trains stop! Some volunteers even dressed up as old style train conductors and baggage boys!IMG_0251

Can you see the steam came out from the locomotive?


Crossing the bridge…


One of the house in Bridgnorth


A church in Bridgnorth


Oh yeah, and I saw this sign in the front shop. Haha! Well, it is Hornby Train actually, a bit of photoshop. Haha!


OK done with Bridgnorth, now move to Derby.

Derby is quite a small town, but it is indeed full of interesting buildings, and not to mention that the tourist office is one of the best I ever been. The service is superb!

IMG_0315Derby Cathedral

IMG_0318It’s interiorIMG_0329   Derby Library


Ok that conclude this travel post. Haha!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heaviest snow ever experienced in the UK 2009

UK is having its late winter snow that blanketed the whole country in white. The snow was so thick that eventually you can build a snow man with it! And yes it is! My first time building a snow man!

me with snow in back yard

It’s me in the backyard! Very powdery snow!

my first snow man

My first snow man!

snowman in the backyard

My snow man looked at the backyard…

backyard backyard full of snow… Weee!!!

More snow reports and london trip in winter coming soon after my blog posts about the CNY celebration in Highfield Park and Derby short trip and Bridgnorth Town visit via the steam train (or locomotive as some prefer to call it). Ha!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Latest news on malaysian visa free status for visiting UK 11-02-09

Good news for Malaysians that are clinging to the hopes of the visa waiver programme still valid for visiting Britain. Yes the news is out but strangely not being widely reported in Malaysian daily as it previously did and as refered from my previous post

The UK border agency has released the decision to employ the need of a visa to visit UK, regimes will now be introduced in Bolivia, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland and Venezuela. And just to console those people who needs a visa to visit Britain, the press release stressed that three quarters of the world’s population need to apply for a visitor visa to visit Britain. So in conclusion, Malaysia obviously is not in the list. That means Malaysians are still free to travel to Britain for leisure purpose without the need of a visa.

That is such a sigh of relief, at least for now.

Press release from the UK border Agency can be read here--- The UK Border Agency press release 11-02-2009

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