Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolution 2009

1. Finished reading the last novel of the Harry Potter. I know I am a bit outdated.

2. Continue to learn the foreign language, so that I can flirt with the french woman…

3. PhD studentship, so that I don’t need to find another job for 4 years!

4. Toning up body, so that I will look more like “man” man, and not looking like a pregnant man.


5. 1 overseas trip, and hopefully the plan works out well!

6. New digital camera, well, perhaps not necessary the Canon EOS 450D.. So that I can be the official photographer of some hip and happening events, some organisers just judge people by the size of his camera equipment, and not by his work!

7. re-practice/re-learn all advance photographic techniques, to widen my perspectives of photography

More to follow as the days come by… Haha…


Alice Teh said...

LOL on pregnant man. I look like a pregnant woman minus the baby. I'd better do something about it before I enter myself into the 'next' category.

All the best in photographic endeavours! Scott Kelby's books are great.

george lim said...

Cheers mate! All the best!

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