Saturday, January 10, 2009

Announcement—Blog image hosting, Flickr photostream

As you might have noticed a couple of days ago, there are something peculiar to the layout and images in my blog… and yes you have guess it right, my image hosting server is down again. sigh.. But not to worry, I have a backup server and in the midst of loading back those images again to my blog. It definitely will take some time, but nevertheless it will be 100% recovered.

On another note, It is one of my 2009 resolution to host my own professional photo album. BUT, I have no time do make the web flow with Dreamweaver, AND of course it is rather difficult to attract people to visit that website. So I have decided to give Flickr a try. It has been a tough fight between Google Picasa web album and Flickr, but I prefer the later as it has such a wide circle of network and groups to join in and share, exchange knowledge.

Without further ado, ahem… I present to you my photography web album via Flickr. And please give me comments for the photos too ok? Cheers!



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