Wednesday, January 28, 2009

London by night

Hello!! How is your Chinese New Year? Gone anywhere exciting?

Would like to share these photos of London night with you mate! Hope you like it!


Colour me red.. Slow mo of double deckerpicallidy sqaure

Colour feast-- Piccadilly Circus with all those colourful advert boards.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New year Celebration in Nottingham 2009

If you ask me to pick one of the most interesting events held in Nottingham, I shall tell you that the Chine New Year celebration at Lakeside Centre/ Highfield Park is the best I have experienced!

Even if you are not fancy about culture arts or performance, you must go for the fireworks finale! The fireworks display is out of this world, one of the best I ever see! So be quick, jolt this date down in your diary, 1st February 2009, 430pm onwards. Be there or be square!

EDIT: Latest information obtained from

chinese new year celebration 2009

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2009
Sunday 1 February, 4.30 – 6.50pm approximately

Venue:  Outdoor stage, next to D H Lawrence Pavilion, Lakeside Arts Centre/ Highfields Park

Programme (Timings Approximate)

4.30pm Welcome from Sarah Julian, BBC Radio Nottingham

4.35pm Nottingham Rhythm Orchestra

4.50pm Lion Dance

5.00pm Julia Zhou (singer)

5.05pm Rong Tao/Déda Youth Dance Group performance

5.10pm Alderman White School and Language College performance inspired by the Monkey stories

5.25pm Nusantara South East Asian Dance Group

5.35pm Ling Peng (Erhu) and Ma Yue (Martial Arts)

5.40pm Nottingham Chinese School Choir

5.50pm Rong Tao and dancers performance

6.00pm Dragon Dance (off-stage)

6.10pm Photographs and film of preparations for Chinese New Year 2009 on big screen

6.20pm Dulsori Korean Drumming Band

6.40pm Fireworks finale


Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Ox Year! Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Hello everyone! Just a short message to wish you all a Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! Hope all are well and having a bullish year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wan Shi Ru Yi!

Something that Never Changed

Well, it is the time of the year again where thousands of city dwellers are heading back hometown for the upcoming Big festival-- The Chinese New Year.

I can stil remember vividly while I was in the undergraduate, returning to the home town from Kuala Lumpur takes so much effort, and of course your patient is ultimately tested. Unreliable time table, groups of illegal touts all over the Pudu places, and ah, they didn't even inform you of the departure place until the last minutes. And you have to pray so hard that you are not being assigned to a replacement bus ( or back up bus) which looks like a tired old hag that will try to take you for a ride of your lifetime. AND YES, that ride will take you a BLOODY lifetime to reach home! It simply takes damn too long to reach home.

That my friend, is the transcity travel by using coach in Malaysia several years ago. I thought after all these years, at least something has done to improve the quality of service especially it is a vital and affordable ( not sure about now as the price keep increasing) )transportation mode for people to travel back home town. To my surprise, it is still exactly the same old f*cking filthy bus terminals and service level. Read the news published today from TheStar online and you will know what I mean.

The latest view of the Puduraya.

I'm in fact wondering when the Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi or DPM *cough* future-PM Dato Seri Najib Seri Najib Tun Razak will finally "decide one day" to use the service of the public express bus themselves and see for themselves what kind of stress they have to go through. And no cheating by telling the whole world tomorrow he is going to the terminal station to try out the bus system.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watch Barrack Obama Inauguration LIVE

Yes, you can watch it here online LIVE, the historic event of Barrack Obama taking the oath as the America's 44th president - and its first African-American leader. Cheers!

EDIT 23/01/2009 : you can watch the recording of the inauguration on

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas in England 2008- Part II

Alright, now I come back with the Christmas post. The city that I visited to snap some Christmassy photo is London!

Right, before the London photos, how about some artistic photos.


Waiting, Classic B&W. A trial and error photo shooting method. Converted into Greyscale using Photoshop CS



OK, back to the London photo… First up, London Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.


Winter Wonderland


Names are colourful... Customized mugs on sale in the Winter wonderland, Hyde Park


Nice sleight


The Harrods at Christmas


Nice decor on the street


Tiffany’s decor



IMG_0208  Piccalidy Circus

Saturday, January 17, 2009

LATEST Updates. Image hosting problem SOLVED

Just a short announcement that after many hours of clicking power and internet bandwidth, the blog images server is fully back online.

As you might have noticed, the speed of loading the images are faster than previous too. Well, let’s touch wood and hope that this server will last us for a long time then. Ha! Meanwhile, just enjoy the photos mate!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Announcement—Blog image hosting, Flickr photostream

As you might have noticed a couple of days ago, there are something peculiar to the layout and images in my blog… and yes you have guess it right, my image hosting server is down again. sigh.. But not to worry, I have a backup server and in the midst of loading back those images again to my blog. It definitely will take some time, but nevertheless it will be 100% recovered.

On another note, It is one of my 2009 resolution to host my own professional photo album. BUT, I have no time do make the web flow with Dreamweaver, AND of course it is rather difficult to attract people to visit that website. So I have decided to give Flickr a try. It has been a tough fight between Google Picasa web album and Flickr, but I prefer the later as it has such a wide circle of network and groups to join in and share, exchange knowledge.

Without further ado, ahem… I present to you my photography web album via Flickr. And please give me comments for the photos too ok? Cheers!


Friday, January 09, 2009

test for server competency


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas in England 2008- Part I

I know Christmas is over, and everybody are already started to take down the Christmas decor… But let me stop you from doing so quickly first, I wanted you to retain that special, magical moment and show you what is happening in England for the Christmas. All in Photo showcase, Part I, Nottingham.


There are many German Stalls set up around the Council House, selling Christmas souvenirs, Christmas food and accessories!


Yes yes, Santa with his sleigh in Victoria Centre.


The Ice rink in front of the Council House Nottingham


At the Exchange Arcade


Still in the Exchange Arcade, but different section


This is taken in Beeston, a small town within Nottinghamshire.


And thank goodness this is not my house. I certainly don’t wanna see the electric bills letter when it arrived! But well, it is very festively decorated. The real thing looks much better than this photo, as the lights twinkle and shimmer in the night.

Ho Ho Ho, now you wait for the part II. Which city you might say. Ha, I am not telling you just yet. Wait till next post. =p

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolution 2009

1. Finished reading the last novel of the Harry Potter. I know I am a bit outdated.

2. Continue to learn the foreign language, so that I can flirt with the french woman…

3. PhD studentship, so that I don’t need to find another job for 4 years!

4. Toning up body, so that I will look more like “man” man, and not looking like a pregnant man.


5. 1 overseas trip, and hopefully the plan works out well!

6. New digital camera, well, perhaps not necessary the Canon EOS 450D.. So that I can be the official photographer of some hip and happening events, some organisers just judge people by the size of his camera equipment, and not by his work!

7. re-practice/re-learn all advance photographic techniques, to widen my perspectives of photography

More to follow as the days come by… Haha…

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