Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank you for your support

As the year 2009 is coming to an end, I would like to thank all the readers on this blog for your support. The page load for this year in this blog has increased tremendously from 3,293 (year 2008) to 5,182 as to date, which exclude me in the statistics. Total Visitors is 3,591 to date as compared to 2,494 last year.

A total of 106 countries visitors have visited my blog over these 2 years. As for the revenue from Google Adwords… I still haven’t manage to earn enough to get the pay cheque. LOL! Anyhow, it has been a pleasure writing articles for my blog, while it attracts commenter and opportunity to write article for magazine blog.

I will slowly but eventually crawl back to this blogosphere once I have sorted out some of the largest plan in my life.

Thanks and wish you have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have been out of action in blogging Sphere

Due to the fact that I have lead on to an extremely busy schedule which consists of extensive traveling, work and proposal writing. I shall stop updating this blog entries until further notice. Thanks for the support and wish you well.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Robin Hood Run Nottingham 2009

Running is my passion. I have ran dozens of long distance competitions, and have ran in numerous places.

From scenic roads in the campus to one of the longest bridge in the world,

the downs


courtesy of

penang bridge from the hill

Just to give you an idea how long is the bridge  courtesy of Ivan Hor

from the thread mill to the top of the tower,

kl tower wide

Courtesy of LINCOLNOSE2®

kl tower Courtesy of Lil Snoop

from the lake side to along the tree lines…

lake side winter wollaton green  uni tree line

I just love the feeling when I run, my burden, sorrows, sadness all are left behind. I feel like a bird, tasting the freedom and just move forward.

When I first stepped in Nottingham, my plan was to conquered the Robin Hood Run. However, clashes of dates from the past 2 years and a serious injury on my knees has barred me from taking part in any runs from 2008 as instructed by my GP and physiotherapist. BUT, I never give up that hope for Robin Hood Run.

Rehabilitation does takes time but I keep on working it out. After 10months of physiotherapy and rest, I was given a green light just in time for the RUN! Words couldn't describe how happy I am when I registered myself for the run. Even though I was only allowed to participate on the short 5km run only due to the risk of inducing injury in the old wound, I am still glad, as I am once again back in the running and once more taste the freedom of running.

Ah my beloved Nike, finally you can join the REAL run.

RHKF0263  RHKA0253 RHNL0035

The medal to my success.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Apple only rock and roll event 09-09-09

It is an anticipated event. No doubt. New ipod line up will be announced, and perhaps more new gadgets?

Check it out at

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Seavas Wien! Vienna Travel Tour 2

Alright I am back to the normal blogging season, more or less. Right,let’s get back to the travel post. The second day, back to the Stephenson Dom! The lighting is better than the first day around, and I am allowed to go in, compared with yesterday.

The front fascia

The pulpit, with the sculptures of Saints Gregory, Jerome, and Augustine. Very nice craving.

The closer look at the altar. Quite spacious.

More info can be found at the wikipedia page:,_Vienna

After the visit in Stephenson dom, I walked towards The Peterskirche (St. Peter's Church), which in my opinion, is the gem of Vienna. A must visit!

The exterior of the nice baroque church.

Once I stepped into the main entrance, I was totally mesmerised by the decoration. Every single inches of the interior is so immaculately crafted and decorated.

The cupola on the ceiling.

I literally stand there for 20mins just to admire the splendid view. Oh it is just so wonderful.

It was noon by the time I came out from the church, so I looked for famous places to dine/have tea…

Modern vs Classics. Snapped this while outside of the church

I just can’t resist the temptations of taking the photographs of Hofburg Palace while on my way to the tea room, so I took a re-route just to take some photographs. The weather was once again hazy, cloudy and looks quite gloomy.

Me with the Hofburg palace

And while I strolled around the palace area, I saw this::: A man with classical dressing! Well, he is the person who will push out all the classical music concerts for you. Quite expensive to be honest as I have spoken to one of them, 25pounds after student discount! Damn.

My first trial of pan shooting using my new G10.

So where is this tea room that I am looking for? Hint: World famous pastry with royal endorsement came form this shop.. Come back soon for a tasty treat!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

30th August 2009

Hell all, thanks for subscribing and waiting patiently for more entries to read. I am extremely busy for the recent weeks. Apart from the usual hectic traveling, I am extremely busy in other proposals writing and work,

Really wish that I has 40 hours in a day. So please bear with me while I sorted out most of the things. Will be able to resume the normal blogging season once I sorted out my stuff.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seavas Wien! Vienna Travel Tour

After the wonderful 3 days in Prague, I alighted a luxury bus to Vienna, the capital of classical music!

The bus is well equipped, with LCD monitors in the bus for DVD playback, and free drinks throughout the journey. Fantastic value.. I got my ticket for 9 pounds, which is great! If you book earlier, you can get the ticket for 5 pounds! It is Check it out.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Interior of the bus.


It even has channels for you to listen to.

After 4 hours of bus journey , and a transit change of bus, I arrived in the most desirable place (and probably the safest) to live on earth--- Vienna.


In the metro station


Went into Stephenson Dom. Too dark, so didn't take a photo. Will come back on the next day.


Outside of Stephenson Dom.

The weather was really bad throughout the whole evening. So I gave up on taking photographs on the street. The guide book did emphasising how mild and wonderful the weather Vienna has to offer, enclaves in the Alps area, protected from all kinds of extreme weather… but all I can say is that from my point of view, it is all bollocks.. LOL!

While walking tiredly and enduring the cold + wet weather, I searched frantically for that bloody Ribs of Vienna Restaurant that Ing Chang raved so much… And I can’t find it!

So in the end I changed my plan and look for this unusual restaurant instead—Zwolf-Apoltelkeller. Translated in English The Twelve Apostle’s Cellar. How cool is it if you can dine in the cellar, three storeys below ground? I am sure that you will not get these kind of experience other than in Vienna—and this restaurant is famous for it, with its own wine brewery built in as well.


I have trouble finding the restaurant at first, as it has the sign board, but you have to walk past the dodgy looking side alleys, went through the building’s backyard, and walk down the partially dark and narrow staircases. Yes it is walking down wards, not climbing up! I got lost somewhere in between, with no other sign boards to help. But I managed in the end. And the end of the stairs, you will be greeted by ambient lights, live classical music and lively crowd!


The staircase that leads you into another dimension

Lively crowd


I sat at this corner

Waiters are all very friendly, approachable. The first thing I ordered—The Schnitzerl + house famous white wine. I know white didn’t matched with red meat, but well, i wanted something sweet. I am quite surprised to see people are allowed to smoke in the cellars. Well I might be too get used to the English environment, where a blanket ban on smoking in the buildings is enforced.


The grainy photo didn’t do justice for the great meal. It is quite dark in the cellar and my G10 can’t handle it well. This photo was shot in ISO1600 setting, hence the extremely grainy look.IMG_1362

It is great! The pork Schnitzerl is a perfect introduction to Viennese traditional food. The whole dinner cost 12.30 euro, including tax. It is a custom to leave a tip for the waiter in Vienna, as it is an indication of you complaining of the service if you don’t. So 10% will be alright. I happily paid that as the service is great. Overall, it was reasonably priced, taking into account of all the ambient, food quality and hospitality you received.


Another corner of the restaurant.

After the dinner, the rain subsided.. I said subsided, not stopped. So you can imagine me still hanging on my dear brolly, wandering through the streets while snapping night photographs. It is indeed extremely safe in Vienna even in the darkest hours. They are not even a soul in some streets and so quiet!


The corridor of the Staatsoper. Vienna premier Opera House. World famous.


Staatsoper front view.


I walked until I reached the Natural History Museum and snapped some traffic photos.


Then the Art museum. As there is nothing much happening in the city, I walked back to the hostel and have a couple of drinks with my roomies.

Come back here soon for more things happening in Vienna.


My blog has remained stagnant for a couple of weeks. I was extremely busy with my work, trip itinerary planning, and other stuff.

I will try to keep updating my blog, but this time it will be a short summary of the events. Just keep it short and sweet.

Hope it is ok with you all. Cheers!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ahoj Prague! Europe Trip Day 2 Part 5

When the night fell, I decided to went out for a quick stroll and grabbed any opportunities for a photoshoot, and yes I did get a great chance!

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge at night. Handheld shot. ISO200, with exposure length of 1 sec, IS on. Lean on the river barricade. Difficult shot!

Same position, different shot. You can still see a little bit blurry due to movement. Difficult shot!

Another walk to the old market square, and the view was simply stunning. I would like to recommend the visit to everyone that travel to Prague. It is extremely beautiful! Trust me, you will impress by the look of it. OK less words, more photographs now. Tell me what you think about the photographs.

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