Thursday, December 11, 2008

Randomness… Enough said, Rome I will conquer you.

A series of unfortunate events has lead up to me still in the UK at this moment, where originally I should be holidaying in Rome and Vatican City. Enough said, not gonna elaborate anything, just wanna say I lost some money and time and sleep while waiting in the airport! >< Nevertheless! I will conquer you Rome in the near future, just wait you see!

As you might have known, it is mid winter now and my blog posts seems to be still stuck in the summer posts. I have to many things to blog about and it seems now it has been out of sync with the seasons. Ha!

Anyhow, here is something for you, just to recap what had happen…

wollaton summer

The summer in Wollaton Park, where people sitting around the park doing their own thing.

IMG_0183  Another shot of Wollaton Park

Then comes Autumn…

IMG_0114 By the street

IMG_0419 in the campus

IMG_0423 with me

And comes Winter…which is NOW!!!

IMG_0541  In my back yard


Mischique said...

I've always loved fall. The most beautiful season of all with the red and gold. Great photos as usual :)

george lim said...

Hey thanks! I love Autumn too, such a wonderful time with golden sunshine and colourful leaves from the plants.

Oh you might wanna take a look at the spring season too, it is my second favorite. Budding flowers, ducks and swan offspring, and long daylight!

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