Saturday, December 20, 2008

Allergist and allergy…

Yeah I know, this blog has been neglected by me recently. I am trying to get back to my feet again after being hit by the stupid Acute viral nasopharyngitis, and of course the bloody airline incident that caused me my pre-christmas holiday, not to mention my moo-lah…

Just as you thought life is starting to pick it back up again, guess what… I suffer another blow of cr*p… now in the form of allergy! Such ironic… As an allergist, I suffer this crazy, annoying but non life threatening allergy attack! Face swollen like the Numa Numa Kid, lips swollen like the German sausage ( oh hang on, it is suppose to be plural, because it is 2 sausages combined into one!). #*(&%#&$@

I have been on 10mg of loratadine for the third nights, and I am still try to pin down the source of my allergy… sigh… Anyway, I have ruled out food that I have, clothes that I wore, soaps that I used… Now only left out the air that I breathe. Ha!

Anyway, tonight feel much better (touch wood!), but still will pay a visit to the NHS to do some tests, just to rule out other winter skin diseases… Right, better get back to my bed now. Stay tuned for my summer trip photos. (yeah I know I am so slow on these. Haha!) AND a lecture on the pathophysiology of acute response allergy. (Hypersensitivity type I). Woot! How exciting… bring your pop corn!

Allergy flow chart. (Illustration by Hans & Cassidy)


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