Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bonjour Paris Day 3 Part I – The one in the Versailles

Today I'm going to conquer the largest palace in the world---Versailles!


Built by King Louis XV and completed by King Louis XVI, it contained rooms, all of them are lavishly decorated by ceiling drawings, and each of every rooms drawings and furniture never look the same and have different theme!

chapel The Royal’s private chapel

 IMG_8938 Such a lavishly decorated room!



On top of that, it has the world largest mirrored covered ball room! OMG! It is magnificent!

 IMG_8977  Candle holder…

IMG_9078The mirror room viewed from the garden.

A visit to the palace without stepping into the French Garden will be such a shame, as the scenery is once again amazing!


We visited the summer house for the royal family, private mansion for Marie Antonette

IMG_9005 Walked passed the Temple of Love?IMG_0122 With me posed!!!

Of course we walked to the village created for Marie Antonette gave us chance to take a look at the rural France lives. Trust me, the long walk is worth it!


You will be greeted by this beautiful lake with the fake tower.

IMG_0152 Village building…

IMG_9052 Wine yards

IMG_9044 White grapes!!!

IMG_0158 So happy! Haven’t seen the real one b4?


Met up with friends eventually! Ha! One for the memories.

After those amazing trips, we returned to Paris by train, and went for a cafe to people watch before going for a river cruise. No photos were taken because we are too busy watching people and let people watched us. Ha!

Next up, River cruise and the tower that illuminates!

Preview for you…


The oh-so-romantic Seine River cruise…

p/s: Wa, So coincidently Kenny Sia is writing his Paris travel too. Hehe… He described it in a more funny albeit brief way. Worth a read!


Chong said...

how come ur pics at Versailles look like mine??? Did you photoshop it??? the pose at the love temple...the interiors....all the same

george lim said...

I never see your photos before, how do I know wo... Haha! Anyway Versailles is only one same place ma, of course high chance of similarity la! haha... I bet you can find thousands of Tour Eiffel photos with the same angle in google. LOL!

Alice Teh said...

Real grapes! LOL. I haven't got the chance to see grapes still attached to the vine. :D

george lim said...

Oh you will get your chacne sooner or later. Haha!

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