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Bonjour Paris Day 1! Part III-- The one in Académie Nationale de Musique – Théâtre de l'Opéra, Musee de Louvre

After this, we head to the Académie Nationale de Musique – Théâtre de l'Opéra! It's for a quick browse. I can't help but stayed there for a couple more minutes just to admire this gorgeously built Opera House.


Fantastic Building architecture! Upon close inspection, you will be able to see the statues of famous composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach (my personal favorite)...


As it is situated in the busiest junction in the Paris city, it is no wonder that the surrounding is bustling with people and vehicles! Nonetheless, the buildings blocks opposite Académie Nationale de Musique are pleased to the eyes too... Can you smell the romantic scents in the air already? Oh wait, there are still more to come to melt your heart away, no wonder many couples are honeymooning here! =)

As we approached Musee de Louvre, we were met by the unmistaken familiar building... The pyramids...


The former palace turned to the world most famous (arguably) museum.

musee du lourve copy

Click on the image above to view the panoramic shot

There are so many tourists in this famous museum. Whether in a cathedral, museum or art gallery, there are 2 things that  I don't like: rowdy tourists, and camera with the bloody flashes! Lots of just came into this museum because it's famous, nothing wrong with that, but please don't you bloody touch the sculptures and artworks! And the flashes from your camera will degrade the colour and material of the drawing! Wanna take a shot? Please make sure you have turn the flash off!

Ok, I just finished my rant, now back to the topic... As we got the 3 days Musee Passe, we got the instant entry in the museum, no Q, no hassle!


One of the exhibit halls...


The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I and the Crowning of the Empress Joséphine in Notre-Dame Cathedral on December 2, 1804. See how big is the drawing?


This time with me in it! Haha...


French revolution...


The famous statue-- Winged Victory of Samothrace




The famous  Mona Lisa! Trust me, the place was jam packed with people!


"The Wedding Feast at Cana", you can see Jesus is at the middle of the painting. Spotted Him???


A controversial drawing by Leonardo da Vinci...Virgin of the Rocks. It is featured in the da Vinci Code Novel... Do notice the strange posture of the Virgin Mary hand... Another set of painting which he modified in accordance to the buyers is in the National Gallery, London.


Venus de Milo

IMG_0241-2 and me...


Some white sculpture. Do notice how delicate the clothes looks on the statue.. It's in fact a part of the marble sculpture too! Not real clothes!


Great bronze sculpture! But forgot the name...Anyone know what is this called?

In the Louvre, there are some rooms that had been used by Napolean the III as official residents and meeting place. 



All in all The Louvre is such a big museum... One has to spend several hours to admire many of the world famous paintings and sculptures... Well, of course this visit is not complete without taking a photo of the pyramid and me. Ha!


So what happen on the next day?? Hehehe... you will be surprised...


Alice Teh said...

I can't wait to see what happens the next day. :)

Great photos!

george lim said...

Well, seems that you have to wait quite awhile for the "next day" to come. Haha.... Too busy recently. Hehe...

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