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Air Asia X Low cost flight from Malaysia to India (Kuala Lumpur to Tiruchi)—RM49 only promotion

Editted on 28th Oct 2008

This came as a quite a surprise for many as Air Asia X has took a turn of direction and made the decision to fly to India as early as this December 2008. For the past 2 years, many has anticipated that Air Asia X will manage to made its maiden flight to Manchester or Stansted in the UK in late 2008/09. Of course this is not speculation at all, as it has been announced by Air Asia in Jan 2007 and been updated again in May 2008. Read link here:

1) First announcement of Flight to UK 2007

2) AirAsia X to fly to London UK by year-end 2008 Mar 2008

3) Air Asia X to UK London more updates! Fly in March 2009 and from RM1,200 ( GBP188) return. May 2008

More links regarding to flights from Kuala Lumpur to UK

I sincerely hope that the promise of flights to the UK is still on track and the idea is not scraped. If I am not mistaken, Virgin Atlantic is the only low cost airlines that is still actively operating the route from Europe to Asia, like from UK to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Air Asia X might want to consider tapping into this potential flight routes (Europe link to Asia) as it is still not crowded with low cost airlines competitors.

Take my word for it, UK to Singapore(no single low cost airlines has done this yet) and Hong Kong, and not forgetting New Zealand and Australia, where most Europeans love these places so much! Dato Tony Fernandes if you read this, please consider it seriously as it has a huge potential.

Well for now, the only choice I have is to keep my fingers crossed for that flight to come true, OR get rich quick!


Hopefully in the future, there will be low cost flights from all over the world link to Malaysia, just like this image taken from Air Asia X website.

Article extracted from The Star Online:

AirAsia gets nod to fly to India

Published: Monday October 27, 2008 MYT 1:43:00 PM
Updated: Monday October 27, 2008 MYT 2:46:32 PM


KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia has finally conquered its “last frontier” with the Indian Government giving the low-cost carrier approval to fly to India.

AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes said the airline would start selling tickets to Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu at midnight on Wednesday with the first flight to take off on Dec 1 at 7.40am.

“It will be a daily flight and we are looking at even adding a second flight now as the initial response has been tremendous,” he told reporters Monday during a press conference here.

Special promotional prices for the flight will cost RM49 one-way while the normal ticket price will cost about RM200 one-way.

Fernandes said plans are now in the works for the next one and a half years to fly to many more destinations in India including Madras, Madurai and Kochi with AirAsia.

“AirAsia-X meanwhile will fly to places like New Dehli, Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Calcutta,” he added.

He said AirAsia would initially invest between RM5mil to RM7mil to set up infrastructure in India and he is confident that it will do well.

“This is an exciting period for us and I’m looking at a high load factor of at least 90% for our first flight,” he said.

Fernandes said it had taken the airline seven years to reach this stage and with India now in its pocket, his mission as CEO is complete.

“I had said then that India would be the last place we need to get to. It is now over to AirAsia-X to grow the business to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.”

Fernandes said he expects a huge growth in Indian tourism in Malaysia and that he is not worried about the global economic slowdown.

“I believe that you have to be innovative. While other airlines are cutting back we are expanding and can take up their slack.

“Maybe some of the population in India cannot afford to fly with us, but there are many more who can and this is the market we are after,” he said.

Fernandes also said, in response to recent Malaysia Airlines (MAS) advertisements, that his battle with MAS is over and that it is time to move on.


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