Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bonjour Paris! 23.07.08 Part I-- The one in Tour de Eiffel, Champ-de-Mars, Pont Alexandra III, Petit Palais

Paris, the city of light, the romantic city of the world. My next dream city after England. On 23rd July, I finally fulfilled my dream...

Budget =GBP150
duration = 4days 3nights.
Transportation= Fly to Charles de Gaulle airport (paris) by BMI baby.low cost airline. Within city: Metro, walking, crawling, running.... Back to Uk: Eurostar, swimming through English Channel (just kidding)

4am-- I guess this is the earliest I ever got up in England! We have to take Skylink Nottingham bus to the East Midland Airport!


A few hours later, I'm in Paris Charles de Gaulle Aiport!


Waiting for the train to Luxemburg Station, which is near to the Residence that I've booked.


My first good impression of Paris come straight out of their immaculate design of the apartment buildings and with a hind of art in it.

Once we all placed the luggage in the apartment, we headed to the first iconic landmark in Paris!   

Tour de Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower)! Er, with tree leaves! Haha...


Built in 1889 for the world exhibition, it's was being labeled rubbish by then from the Parisians! But my opinion comes in 3 expressions, It's magnificent! fantastic! romantic!


Tour de Eiffel with a very clear blue sky...


Me with the famous Tour de Eiffel. You have no idea how hot that day was! 30C!


Shot underneath the tower.


View of the tower from Champs de Mars.

Of course I marked my territory there by G jump! Woot!



Come across this poster...


Parisian style party? Testicles?

Lunch time approached, so what to eat in Paris? Of course Baguette and their oh so tasty pastries!!!


The first authentic French Patisserie I visited


One corner inside of the shop.. Amazingly friendly Parisian... Very kind and helpful with lots of patience with us! Haha...

Alright, after lunch, we walked to Pont Alexandra III ( Alexandra III Bridge)  passing by Les Invalides, the final resting place of Napoleon... Do note that the dome is covered with gold leaves!


Les Invalides..

Reached the bridge...the most decorated bridge in Paris... Absolutely marvelous!


Look! The bridge looks exactly as the photo in travel book! Not photoshopped! Do note the four high pillars in my background, All four of them are lavishly decorated with allegorical sculptures


The bridge took 3 years to build, based on the design of engineers Jean Resal and Amedee Alby... Officially unveiled for the first time in 1900, yet again for the Exposition Universelle (means Universal exhibition).


An elaborated art nouveau style lamp posts


The bronze nymph and the Eiffel...

After crossing the bridge, we reached the Grand Palais & Petit Palais. Built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900 to Charles Girault's designs. They were actually exhibition halls, rather than being a palace.  It has quite a special designed courtyard...


The Petit Palais... Another amazing building...


The main entrance, do note the well crafted sculptures around the main door!


Inside of the courtyard...

IMG_8449 The circular shaped courtyard overlooking the dome...It is a full circular courtyard.. Use ur imagination... Haha...

IMG_8450 Another angle...

Alright, where are we going for the next stop?? Hehe... You will be surprised, or maybe not.. Stay Tuned!


Monkey2 said...

Hey! I like ur G jump photo! So cute!

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Hey thanks!

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