Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello Lincoln! Lincoln Cathedral, Jew's House, City surroundings...

Lincoln! Ah, the cathedral, the tea room. Oh and the so-famous Lincolnshire sausage. All these wonderful things are available from my door step, well literally 40mins away by train.
This is my second trip to this lovely city.  This time, on a much better weather and of course, better photos.
Without further ado, I'll present you the photo walk through. Haha! Sorry that I can't do a detailed description as I have too many overdue things to blog about and recent hiccups in life not helping the situation at all! Anyway here you go!

meat stall  Ancient meat stall in the museum...

mediavel stuff 

And guess what I found in the museum... The question of why it is put at the bottom of the bread is such a mystery! Haha...

jews quarter

The Jews Quarter

you are beautiful  You are beautiful...

lincoln cathedral entrance  Lincoln Cathedral

lincoln cathedral interior

inside of the cathedral


Panoramic view. Click on the image for a better view.

stairs lincoln

We climbed this spiral star case towards the top of the 2 towers!

lincoln cathedral from the top view from the top

the other top

The other end... Notice the ruin of the Roman built wall on the right corner. Click on the image for a better view.

lincoln cathedral

This post of course is not complete without the G Jump™!lincoln Jump

Coming up next.... Another travel post perhaps?? Haha...


Alice Teh said...

Great travel pics, George! I hope to see more and so I've subscribed to your feeds. :D

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I am always inspire with the architecture of the uk buildings. They are awesome and you are lucky to see all the wonderful things which are available to your door step.

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