Friday, August 29, 2008

Cloister Maseev Gathering...

I know that this is such an overdue post, which happen in the 20th of May! OMG, I know it is too long ago... Anyway, we cloister house people (apparently most of the crazy ones) decided to gather in one of the Thai restaurant in adjacent to the university. Alright, no questions about why Thai restaurant please as I have NO answer for you. LOL!


Guess who was/were my housemates/flatmates b4? Hehehe...


This is what we do before downing ourselves with lots of boozes...


One for the crazy people in Cloister

We had our nice meal in that Thai restaurant... but it is a bit disappointed that they have toned down the level of spiciness considerably. Well can't blame them, they have to consider other people taste buds..Haha...

After the meal, it is almost a ritual for the university students us crazy people to retire and have another round of boozes and balls snookers. =p


See what I mean when I say crazy...


But don't mess with her while she is " in the zone"...


Guy just wanna have fun! Haha... BTW, that is not his real name! He is my best States friend! Woot.


He is the TIGER! Don't believe me? Check out the next photo!


All thanks to Lydia's attractiveness to stop him from abusing the balls. Shot by Lydia. Haha...

IMG_7632 The salsa king

IMG_7635 Have a go with the balls!!!


I forgot what kind of experiment we were doing that time? Oh yeah, is it yawning? Or screaming?


Mouth wide open shot!


Stop it....




There are no subtitle for the last few shots as I am tired of thinking for them... It is Friday, I am suppose to be relaxed, not staring at the screen! Hehe...


Alice Teh said...

This looks absolutely fun-tabulous! You're so lucky to get friends who smiles/laugh/yawn/scream so readily for your camera. envy, envy. LOL.

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