Sunday, July 27, 2008

Minor changes to enhance your web experience here

As some of you might have discover some changes in my blog recently. First is the header and blog title simultaneously. I decided to change the header to a much cheerful & professionally made style. With the change of the blog title from 'My 2 cents in Life' to 'My life in UK so far...' I hope this change will properly reflect the posts that I am writing, especially my life after graduating from UK university.

A British flag Favicon has been added to URL and for easier identification when you use multiple tabs on firefox. However I'm still working on making it to work in my domain name.

Another feature added is the Google powered blog search which you can see on the right panel of my blog. It can be used to search any of my over 300 posts written for the past 3 years. (and still counting).

A shoutbox has been added for easier communication. Well, you can drop me a hi or high five! But, polite stuff only pls. Haha!

Labels on my posts are for easier access to favorite categories, examples: travel posts. Deep in Thought etc...

I hope you will find something useful in my blog or just having fun reading and enjoying the photos that I have shot. If you like what my blog, feel free to bookmark it and a click on the Google Ads that interested you will be very helpful to me!

Well, thanks for stopping by and have fun reading!


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