Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wollaton Park lovely summer

The summer always brings the summer rain, summery warm breeze, trees covered with thick leaves..Oh and not forgetting the full blooming of flowers and growing of cherries on the trees.

And how can you forget the scene where horny  couples snogged away on the field like there's no tomorrow! Haha!

Anyway, back to the topic now, I have some nice photos taken from Wollaton Park and would like to share them here. If you like it, leave a comment alright?

wollaton park

wollaton park2

wollaton park3

t and f

me and felicity

Minor changes to enhance your web experience here

As some of you might have discover some changes in my blog recently. First is the header and blog title simultaneously. I decided to change the header to a much cheerful & professionally made style. With the change of the blog title from 'My 2 cents in Life' to 'My life in UK so far...' I hope this change will properly reflect the posts that I am writing, especially my life after graduating from UK university.

A British flag Favicon has been added to URL and for easier identification when you use multiple tabs on firefox. However I'm still working on making it to work in my domain name.

Another feature added is the Google powered blog search which you can see on the right panel of my blog. It can be used to search any of my over 300 posts written for the past 3 years. (and still counting).

A shoutbox has been added for easier communication. Well, you can drop me a hi or high five! But, polite stuff only pls. Haha!

Labels on my posts are for easier access to favorite categories, examples: travel posts. Deep in Thought etc...

I hope you will find something useful in my blog or just having fun reading and enjoying the photos that I have shot. If you like what my blog, feel free to bookmark it and a click on the Google Ads that interested you will be very helpful to me!

Well, thanks for stopping by and have fun reading!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Updates on Malaysia case to retain its visa exempt status to Britain 2008

Below is the news article taken from The Star Malaysian English Newspaper. It looks like now it is getting harder to even obtain a student visa to study in the UK, as my cousin having his application rejected a few weeks ago. Well, hope the issue will be ironed out soon and it will not be a burden for those law abiding Malaysian who has a genuine reason to visit Britain...
Sunday July 13, 2008

Rais to present Malaysia’s case in London


KUALA LUMPUR: The arduous task of convincing Britain that Malaysia should retain its visa-exempt status will gain momentum with Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim meeting senior British officials in London on Tuesday.

The minister will have to use all his diplomatic skills when he presents Malaysia’s case to Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Meg Mun and Commonwealth secretary-general Dr Kamalesh Sharma, who is based in London.

Britain is said to have tentatively decided to exclude Malaysia from its visa-exemption list, but a final decision will be made after a six-month grace period to enable Malaysia to put things in order.

“I will seek the attention of the British Government to re-consider Malaysia’s case in totality.

“Although Britain has given us six months to improve the situation, we have to be interactive and resilient and warn Malaysians going to the UK not to breach British laws.

“We are working closely with British authorities, so that at the end of the six-month period an imposition of the visa regime is obviated,” Dr Rais told The Star.

It was reported yesterday that Malaysian visitors to Britain would need to obtain a visa by the year-end if more of them continued to abuse their entry permits and overstay.

British High Commissioner to Malaysia William Boyd McCleary said Malaysian authorities had been asked a “range of questions” and Britain’s evaluation process would be completed by early 2009.

Dr Rais said British Foreign Secretary David Miliband had alerted him during a bilateral meeting in May to the problem.

“He said a total of 1,524 Malaysians violated British laws, for offences which included overstaying, credit card fraud, illegal employment and other crimes.

“A good number had worked while on interim social visits to Britain. All this has to stop,” he stressed.

Where the hell was Matt done it again! =) Now third video from him dancing all over the world!

Man, this guy called Matt was/ IS a legend of dancing all over the world! He is this one cool guy that spent his savings and salary on traveling on the Asia part first, then being discovered by Stride Gum company, he is sponsored by them to do the worldwide tour dance! It is hilarious! It is magnificent! The world scenario was so cool! I particularly like the scene at the beach in Bolivia! Looks really like a CGI generated video but it is NOT! Have fun watching!

First Video:-

Second Video:-

Third Video! Remember to watch the HQ version! It is awesome!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hello Birmingham! The one that I bought so many Krispy Kreme, a visit to the Institute of Barber in University of Birmingham, Bull Ring, City Hall etc...

Alright, this post I will make it short short and cute cute.. err, maybe not the later one that I just mentioned...

One of the main purpose of the visit is to get my Krispy Kreme, ahem and of course to get educational tour of the Institute of Barber. Oh ya, many people might thought it is a place where people learn how to style the hair, or just cut other people hair right? WRONG! Haha... It is a nice museum where it has its own majestic collection of Classical Art Collection... Anyway, less words, more on photos this time. Enjoy!


Beautiful countryside where yellow rapeseed flowers blooming

sexy shop Wehey! Found this one in St Martin's Market... LOL!

sign  The Sign...

krispy kreme Having breakfast in Krispy Kreme! Really appetizing for a breakfast but, a bit costly...

post office The former head post office in Birmingham... I know I am so small there, because the building is too big! Hahaha...

with the statue At a square.... forgot the name...

city hall a very classical yet english looking patio/ exhibition hall/ room!

birmingham uni

Uni of Birmingham!


The Bull Ring!!!

That's it for now, if you would like to know more bout how to get there, or the details of my travel itinerary, please leave a comment and I will get back to you! Haha...

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