Sunday, May 04, 2008

Windows Live Writer Not working Suddenly + New Substitute Zoundry Raven

After a long break from updating my blog, I finally found inspiration to continue writing my blog, all thanks to the vacations (make note the "s" in the end of the word) I have for the past week. And you know what, my favourite blog writer has gone haywire!

I just can't fire it up at all! Every time I try to open it, it just give me the same error messages over and over again. "Windows Live Writer has encountered an error and need to close"... What the... Tried many methods to retrieve it but still the same thing happen... Gave up in the end...

I was desperate to find an alternative until I found my backup Blog writer-- Zoundry Writer! Yes, it was my favourite program before the release of WLW. Abandon it because the way it decrease my photos quality once posted through it! Anyway, today we have the new Zoundry Raven! Although still in Beta version, but it is equally impressive if compared with the WLW. The interface is now "cleaner" and easier to use. Looks very professional compared with the old version of Zoundry. On top of that, it's now supported over dozens of Blog hosting website, so no matter where you host your blog, this Raven sure can handle it! One thing for sure still annoys me though, When I use the "resize images as thumbnails" function, my photos quality decreased. Too bad it can't be like in Windows Live Writer where I use the same function but my photo still looks good. Well, this is the Beta version of it, so I guess they will improve this function in the long run.

I give this program a 4 out of 5 stars for its really good effort on making this great program. If the improvement on the above mentioned flaws has made, I guess I can't find any more reason not to give 5 stars! Haha... Oh ya, forgot to mention that this is a FREEWARE! Just point your browser to and you will find the download link!


Brandon Turner[MSFT] said...

If you want to send me your log from Windows Live Writer I might be able to help you figure out what is wrong.

Since you can't even open up WLW you will have to follow the steps under 'Beta 2':


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