Monday, May 19, 2008

Windows Live Writer is Working now! Since 10MAy08! I am happy...

Right, this is long overdue post and I should write and POST this up long ago but I have urgent matters to attend to.. Like grocery shopping, so that I will not die of hunger, summer cloth shopping, so that I will not look like a baked potato when the sun comes out while I am still wearing my winter clothing.

Brandon Turner from Microsoft Corp replied to my post within 10hours of my post being uploaded to the server. Pretty impressive I should say as this showed that the Big Corp people do pay attention to what people talk about their product, especially nowadays opinions are so hugely available via blogs and forums. And this prompt response from Microsoft actually contradict to my believe that they don't care much about 1 single upset customer. =p No I am not upset, just a bit disappointed at that time!

Thanks mate for giving a helping hand and try to solve my problem with WLW. Even though the program didn't actually retrieved until I re-format my system (well, I guess it was time to do some spring cleaning for the system after 1 and a half year using the system), but the gesture is really admirable.

Once again, I can write my blog posts from the comfort of using WLW and I am pretty happy about it.

Alright, next up, Hello Berlin part 2! Stay tuned!


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