Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello Berlin! Part 2

Ah ha! The next day! Very exciting start of the day in Berlin. Continental buffet breakfast in the hotel (FREE!). A very nice meal indeed.. I have to mention that Agon Lichtburg is indeed a very value for money hotel. The hotel is clean and simple, functioning I should say. Customer service is great--and most of the front desk people are fluent in English and helpful! That is a plus point. I chose to stay in the hotel instead of a youth hostel for this trip because the cost of staying in a bunk bed is just a few pounds lesser than staying in a comfort of the hotel. And most of all, nice breakfast is included! Ok enough for the recommendation talk, and by the way, I didn't gain anything from praising this particular accommodation! Haha... I just love to share my experience and opinions!

After breakfast, we headed to the famous Parliament, Reichstag building!

parliament entrance

Me in front of the Reichstag Building!

It is such a sunny day, nice weather but it's a little bit too hot to my liking. When we reached the main entrance of the building, we were so shocked to see the queue!

long q

Click on the photo to enlarge it. You will notice how long the queue was! Oh, and by the way, do notice the German Words engraved at the front entrance."Dem Deutschen Volke" means To the German People. Pretty amazing meaning isn't it.

While I had nothing much to do while standing in the middle of the queue, I get snappy away. Love at how the Germany flag flied in the bright clear sky.

german flag

After 2 hours wait, we were finally reached the security check point, We took the lift to the upper floor of the parliament to have a look at the dome.


Inside of the dome. Really amazing!

me in the dome

One for the memory!


stock photo form wikipedia to show you how it is looked like from outside.

reflection Reflection of the flag from the dome's glass.

We spent half an hour there taking photos, have a panoramic view for the city of Berlin.

Next's up, meet up with James!

We met at the Starbuck adjacent to the Brandenburg Gate. Took a couple photos before he brought us around the Berlin city centre.



Brandenburg Gate!

the gang in brandenburgh


Me and Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the Berlin city.

After this, we walked around the city centre.

tv tower tv tower2

Random shots while walking on the streets. The Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower can be seen clearly.


Me and James with the Cathedral

 IMG_6978 IMG_6981

Later on, James had to get back to his hotel as he is needed for athletes monitoring. But well, we will meet again later in the night. OK, next up, The legendary Charlie Checkpoint! 

american sector

American Sector. Behind this pate is the former West Germany

 leaving american sectorBehind me is the former East Germany

 charlie checkpoint with me

The checkpoint, noticed the Mercedes? It is a taxi in Germany. -_-"

  building by the road Really nice and colourful sky scraper!

colourful berlin wall Part of the Berlin Wall that built up the Iron Curtain in East Germany

car and I found these cars by the roadside. It is one and the only type of cars available in East Germany during the Iron Curtain Era. 3Pistons and running very noisily!.

After visiting the open gallery which is just opposite of that street, we need to take a bus to some really nice place. Can you guess? Answer will be revealed on the next post! =p

Before I end this post, let me show you 3 photos that I think it is quite funny in one of them, and 2 of them are quite cool! OK, the funny one first:-


BIG advert on the building.


Oh La La... Need I explain more?

contruction building  

The green covered thing actually is the filter/very tiny wires that covered up the building which is still under construction. Pretty neat! Nice one!


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