Friday, May 30, 2008

Image Server doesn't allow Hotlinking anymore!!!

My old image server doesn't allow me to do hotlinking anymore. So if you do noticed, some of the images in the blog might not appear at all in these couple of days.

But fear not, I have a backup image server in place, and it takes time to restore it back to normal working condition. I have managed to restore most of the images for year 2008. The old blog posts might need more time for me to restore it. So please bear with me. I have a very short free time recently. Sigh... Nevertheless, the blog will spring back to its normal look in a very near future!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello Berlin! Part 3

So the next destination is: Schloss Charlottenburg/ Charlottenburg Palace--- the largest existing palace in Berlin! Even though the palace was constructed in between 1695 and 1699, It looks very new indeed! Reason being is that the building was severely damaged after the World War II, and it was rebuilt and from there onwards, it is served as a museum.

charlottenburg palace

We took a stroll in the English Garden, which is part of the Palace as well...

charlottenburgh palace

The palace view from the garden.

park tree

Trees in the park

jump in the park 

Me and the G Jump™!

 park and me

Nice place to be!

water reflection

River Reflection.. nothing impressive, I just love the colour combination. Ha!

As the evening approached, we waited for James in the Alexandeplatz area. He brought us to the Irish Bar in Europa Centre. Yes, you got it right, Irish bar! LOL! Anyway, they do serve a good range of German Beer aswell. Nice Atmosphere!

Snapped this photo on the way to the Europa Centre.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (The Protestant Emperor William Memorial Church). The church was destroyed during a British RAF bombing raid in 1943 during the World War II. The only thing that left is the partly destroyed tower. Now it served as a mermorial and a reminder to people about the important of peace.

In the pub, Had a nice Berliner Pilsners. James bought for us!! Haha...

irish bar


Guess that's wrapped up the second day in Berlin. Oh ya, Before I went back to the hotel, I bought something extremely nice in the underground station. A must have in Germany. Can guess what is it?? I have it almost every night ( plus 1 day in the afternoon! ) when I was in Berlin! Answer coming up on the next post!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello Berlin! Part 2

Ah ha! The next day! Very exciting start of the day in Berlin. Continental buffet breakfast in the hotel (FREE!). A very nice meal indeed.. I have to mention that Agon Lichtburg is indeed a very value for money hotel. The hotel is clean and simple, functioning I should say. Customer service is great--and most of the front desk people are fluent in English and helpful! That is a plus point. I chose to stay in the hotel instead of a youth hostel for this trip because the cost of staying in a bunk bed is just a few pounds lesser than staying in a comfort of the hotel. And most of all, nice breakfast is included! Ok enough for the recommendation talk, and by the way, I didn't gain anything from praising this particular accommodation! Haha... I just love to share my experience and opinions!

After breakfast, we headed to the famous Parliament, Reichstag building!

parliament entrance

Me in front of the Reichstag Building!

It is such a sunny day, nice weather but it's a little bit too hot to my liking. When we reached the main entrance of the building, we were so shocked to see the queue!

long q

Click on the photo to enlarge it. You will notice how long the queue was! Oh, and by the way, do notice the German Words engraved at the front entrance."Dem Deutschen Volke" means To the German People. Pretty amazing meaning isn't it.

While I had nothing much to do while standing in the middle of the queue, I get snappy away. Love at how the Germany flag flied in the bright clear sky.

german flag

After 2 hours wait, we were finally reached the security check point, We took the lift to the upper floor of the parliament to have a look at the dome.


Inside of the dome. Really amazing!

me in the dome

One for the memory!


stock photo form wikipedia to show you how it is looked like from outside.

reflection Reflection of the flag from the dome's glass.

We spent half an hour there taking photos, have a panoramic view for the city of Berlin.

Next's up, meet up with James!

We met at the Starbuck adjacent to the Brandenburg Gate. Took a couple photos before he brought us around the Berlin city centre.



Brandenburg Gate!

the gang in brandenburgh


Me and Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the Berlin city.

After this, we walked around the city centre.

tv tower tv tower2

Random shots while walking on the streets. The Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower can be seen clearly.


Me and James with the Cathedral

 IMG_6978 IMG_6981

Later on, James had to get back to his hotel as he is needed for athletes monitoring. But well, we will meet again later in the night. OK, next up, The legendary Charlie Checkpoint! 

american sector

American Sector. Behind this pate is the former West Germany

 leaving american sectorBehind me is the former East Germany

 charlie checkpoint with me

The checkpoint, noticed the Mercedes? It is a taxi in Germany. -_-"

  building by the road Really nice and colourful sky scraper!

colourful berlin wall Part of the Berlin Wall that built up the Iron Curtain in East Germany

car and I found these cars by the roadside. It is one and the only type of cars available in East Germany during the Iron Curtain Era. 3Pistons and running very noisily!.

After visiting the open gallery which is just opposite of that street, we need to take a bus to some really nice place. Can you guess? Answer will be revealed on the next post! =p

Before I end this post, let me show you 3 photos that I think it is quite funny in one of them, and 2 of them are quite cool! OK, the funny one first:-


BIG advert on the building.


Oh La La... Need I explain more?

contruction building  

The green covered thing actually is the filter/very tiny wires that covered up the building which is still under construction. Pretty neat! Nice one!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Windows Live Writer is Working now! Since 10MAy08! I am happy...

Right, this is long overdue post and I should write and POST this up long ago but I have urgent matters to attend to.. Like grocery shopping, so that I will not die of hunger, summer cloth shopping, so that I will not look like a baked potato when the sun comes out while I am still wearing my winter clothing.

Brandon Turner from Microsoft Corp replied to my post within 10hours of my post being uploaded to the server. Pretty impressive I should say as this showed that the Big Corp people do pay attention to what people talk about their product, especially nowadays opinions are so hugely available via blogs and forums. And this prompt response from Microsoft actually contradict to my believe that they don't care much about 1 single upset customer. =p No I am not upset, just a bit disappointed at that time!

Thanks mate for giving a helping hand and try to solve my problem with WLW. Even though the program didn't actually retrieved until I re-format my system (well, I guess it was time to do some spring cleaning for the system after 1 and a half year using the system), but the gesture is really admirable.

Once again, I can write my blog posts from the comfort of using WLW and I am pretty happy about it.

Alright, next up, Hello Berlin part 2! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello Berlin! Part 1

After traveled around UK for more than one year, it is finally time to step out of the English speaking country, well just for a few days to experience the totally shocking (language and perhaps culturally) experience! Trust me, I got more than what I bargain for! =p

All thanks for Ryanair, I got an extremely cheap return flight tickets (can't even say it's dirt cheap because it is cheaper than dirt!) at a cost of 2 pounds include tax. Destination: Berlin, Germany. Very happy about it.

OK, boarding from East Midlands Airport is not as smooth as I could imagine as they kept changing the departure gate, but well, at least I didn't took the wrong flight and landed in Paris, which in fact nearly happen to me!

After almost 2 hours of flight, We touched down in the German soil.. Already feel bit weird, because I can see clearly the highway from inside the plane... the cars were driving in a different directions...And I saw this once I reached the airport... OMG! No idea what it said.

poster  Err... Means Berlin Flight??

We quickly took the U-Bahn to the city after the arrival as we worried that it will be the last train to leave the airport. Throughout the journey in the train, we were constantly bombarded with announcement in German.. Only understand one word= Thank you in German,

Serious hurdles hit us before we knew it. The S-Bahn that supposed to take us straight to the Charlottenburgh Station started to go backward after reaching one of the city station (halfway to the hotel). I jumped out of the S-Bahn on the next station, trying to be in style and as smooth as James Bond, but failed miserably to impress the German girls in the station. Maybe Jams Bond is not popular in Germany. I tried to ask around for directions in English to a German girl, she smiled and spoke to me in a thick German accents,: Little English". Oh great, at least she understood my English with faux Brit slang. Haha...We pointed, waved and drew lines on the map to indicate places and which place we should go. She has been very helpful. I am really impressed on how brave she was to talk to strangers in a foreign language she doesn't even understand well.

When reached the hotel, I was so tired and dozed off.... Next day. the parliament. I know this post might be a little bit dull, but don't worry, Next post up will have more photos and I promise cool photos. Haha, so watch this space.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Air Asia X to UK London more updates! Fly in March 2009 and from RM1,200 ( GBP188) return.

Received the latest News from The Star Online today (11th May 2008). Air Asia X is finally releasing more information on the location to land in the UK and tentative date to start flying. Price also included!

From what I analyzed from the newspaper report, It seems that the economy class seat will cost RM1,200 return, that includes airport tax. Based on the price they mentioned for the full service air flight. That price (RM1,200) are inclusive of tax and fuel surcharge from my experience. It is a step closer to the low cost air flight dreams from Malaysia to the UK. Hopefully Air Asia X will do better than Hong Kong Oasis low cost airline to UK, which cease their flight to UK recently. Read on for The Star newspaper report.

Sunday May 11, 2008

To London and back - for RM1,200


KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X will start its flights to London in March next year. And it will cost only about RM1,200 for a return trip on an economy ticket.

The country’s first long-haul budget carrier had announced last year that the Kuala Lumpur-London route would be its mainstay but could not take off because there was no suitable aircraft.

AirAsia group chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes said he had signed up for the lease of an Airbus A340 aircraft a few days ago.

“We will take delivery of the plane in January and it will take us several months to refurbish it.

“It will be configured to house 50 flatbeds (sleeper seats) and the rest would be economy seats but will be bigger and more comfortable than even that of a full service carrier,” Fernandes said in an interview from London.

He estimated that the average cost of a return fare to London would be about RM1,200 while the higher-class flatbed seats would cost about RM8,000 return.

The economy return fare on full service carriers like Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines is between RM4,000 and RM4,500 while a business-class ticket on these airlines costs more than RM20,000.

Fernandes said his airline was still negotiating with a couple of airports near the Greater London area but “chances are we will settle for London's Standsted Airport.''

The airport is located in the Uttlesford district of the English county of Essex, about 48km northeast of London. Stansted is a hub for a number of major European low-cost airlines. It is Britain’s third largest airport serving the London area after Heathrow and Gatwick.

Fernandes said AirAsia X would start with five flights a week using the first aircraft but “we will build it up to eventually two flights on a daily basis.”

“Our on-board entertainment system will be a state-of-the-art touch screen unit. You can watch movies, listen to music and even order your food from the unit,” he added.

On the permanent aircraft for the long-haul routes, he said AirAsia X was still looking at the Airbus A350 or the Boeing 787 (commonly called the Dreamliner).

“We have not decided on which wide-body aircraft but we want one that can give us the flexibility to serve Europe and the Americas. We want to turn Kuala Lumpur into a truly low-cost hub,” the AirAsia founder said.

AirAsia X operates long-haul flights that take six hours or more. It now operates flights to two destinations – Gold Coast in Australia and Hangzhou in China. The airline had announced that it would be flying to Tiruchirapalli in India in a couple of months.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The one who nearly run out of photography ideas

It has been almost a month where I didn't produce any stunning photos and that is kinda freak me out. BIG TIME. I have been searching high and low for inspiration and motivation. Test shooting some other subject where I rarely touch on. Example: motion, portrait and the fearsome building architecture! ( It is not because of me, but the camera lens is not wide enough for the super big building around here!)

Finally I manage to get back to the right track! I am pleased of myself. anyhow, my camera started to act up a couple of times recently. Guess it is time for me to upgrade my 4.0MPixels Canon now... D-SLR next!

Without further ado, I would like to share with you my work.


Burst of Spring

 journey to the unknown

Journey to the unknown future

train station
Nottingham Train Station

sakura with trend
Spring has came

lakeside sign 


 trend building
Trent Building

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Windows Live Writer Not working Suddenly + New Substitute Zoundry Raven

After a long break from updating my blog, I finally found inspiration to continue writing my blog, all thanks to the vacations (make note the "s" in the end of the word) I have for the past week. And you know what, my favourite blog writer has gone haywire!

I just can't fire it up at all! Every time I try to open it, it just give me the same error messages over and over again. "Windows Live Writer has encountered an error and need to close"... What the... Tried many methods to retrieve it but still the same thing happen... Gave up in the end...

I was desperate to find an alternative until I found my backup Blog writer-- Zoundry Writer! Yes, it was my favourite program before the release of WLW. Abandon it because the way it decrease my photos quality once posted through it! Anyway, today we have the new Zoundry Raven! Although still in Beta version, but it is equally impressive if compared with the WLW. The interface is now "cleaner" and easier to use. Looks very professional compared with the old version of Zoundry. On top of that, it's now supported over dozens of Blog hosting website, so no matter where you host your blog, this Raven sure can handle it! One thing for sure still annoys me though, When I use the "resize images as thumbnails" function, my photos quality decreased. Too bad it can't be like in Windows Live Writer where I use the same function but my photo still looks good. Well, this is the Beta version of it, so I guess they will improve this function in the long run.

I give this program a 4 out of 5 stars for its really good effort on making this great program. If the improvement on the above mentioned flaws has made, I guess I can't find any more reason not to give 5 stars! Haha... Oh ya, forgot to mention that this is a FREEWARE! Just point your browser to and you will find the download link!

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