Monday, February 25, 2008

London Chinese New Year Celebration Trip 2008 (part 2)

  I stayed one night at the Journey's Waterloo. The hostel is a bit far away from the city centre, have to take the tube till Lamberth North station.. Nevertheless, nice staff and most importantly, quiet environment.

So after breakfast, we start our journey again...

in the subway to tubeThis is me in the Subway before boarding the Tube.

me in the undergroundIn the tube

Where we go? Hehe.. It is the St. Paul's Cathedral!! Believe it or not, it is in London city since 604A.D.!

 st paul church

st paul church with me

st paul church2

Then we walked to the Tate Modern Art Gallery through the infamous Millennium Bridge.

millenium bridge The Millennium Bridge

in tate modern This is me with the big rug sack!

admiring picaso work I am admiring Picasso's drawing!

tate Tate Modern bookstore and gift shop

art in tate modern This is what they call art...

After the "cultural" visit to the Art Gallery, we walk across the magnificent Tower Bridge! Took whole lots of photos!

The view from the bridge:city councilCity Council from the River Thames

 egg plaza Egg Plaza??

me with tower bridge  Me on the bridge!! OMG!tower bridge Tower bridge again without me in the photo.

city council and me Me with the City Council Building

tower bridge full and me Me again with the Tower Bridge

tower bridge full and me2Ok, will I ever get tired of the bridge?

The answer is NO! It is too beautiful. LOL!

 middle of the bridgeMe at the middle of the bridge span. The bridge span can be opened to allow bigger ships to pass by River Thames!

TowerBridge-001 Stock photos on the net just to illustrate how the bridge span being "lifted" .

tower bridge plate That is me again!

After having enough of the bridge excitement, we went back to Chinatown. Yes it is the Chinatown again, now in broad day light!

 trafalger square Went passed Trafalgar Square, with Big Ben in the background. Famous place for gathering.

chinatown in the noon I am back in Chinatown again.

chinatown in the noon2 So pretty...lion dance in chinatown We saw Lion dance! Woot, it is First day of Chinese New Year! OF COURSE!!!

chinatown with me in the day Main entrance for the Chinatown

We spend quite a long time there to have lunch, then head to Piccadilly Square!

picallidy squareFamous landmark! Colourful signboards on the building!

 picallidy square with me Proof that I was there!

picallidy square with sign postRoad signs and sign board

From there, we conclude our trip to London! There is so much to see, so little time to spend! Will definitely come back to London for more!


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