Sunday, January 06, 2008

Resolutions on progress...

I always realized that I have been slacking off in doing some sports... The winter weather doesn't help to motivate me to go out and run for a long time, hence my stomach has collected speed bumps (at the wrong place!!) and uneven surface!

This 2008, I have made myself promise that I must have a plan to train myself, and work on the plan! That is what I so call Plan the work and work the plan.


My 10KM Running stamina improvement plan. Professionally accessed, so you can use it too, but bear in mind that you can customized the training sheet to suit your stamina.

My new year resolution this year mostly resolved in a physical and stamina in sports. A minimum of 3 times a week of cycling covering 4KM x 2 each time, and body toning and building 3 times a week. What I have accomplished is the cycling part, the body toning part I abandoned it due to laziness last year, but I resumed yesterday.

I have to sleep now as tomorrow is my working day! argh...


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