Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New life, New Resolutions

A quick entry before I head to bed. Well, I was wrong about the solemn Christmas, it turned out to be VERY CRAZY in a good sense of way, same goes to new year eve celebration which the house party goes from 11pm till 7 in the morning!!! It is all good, except that I have to drag my ass to work at 11o'clock in the morning the same day.

I kept delaying on drafting out my new year resolutions as I am still drown by the excitement of getting many cool gadgets for myself during the Christmas week! HP all in one printer and a Logitech VX kick-ass laser cordless mouse kept me smiling for the whole week!

christmas gift

YES! those are my christmas gift! Just ignore the pink panty and condom, those are my housemates' crude practical jokes for the stocking stuffing.

Back to the main point of this post, ahem... looking back at the last year resolutions, I have accomplish quite a bit. Having most of the things in the list being accomplished.. well, err.. except acquiring a new language, where my personal tutor Jean has gone back France, leave me with broken French and no Champagne glasses.. haha.. I got a new pair of nike shoes today too, so that is kind of accomplishing the resolutions i had. I can't believe myself that I have just bought the most expensive pair of shoes in my whole life (so far).. Will update on that one later.

So, this year, I carry some old resolutions over and viola! The new one comes up now! Check on the right-sidebar to get a taste of what I am wishing to accomplish this year.



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