Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Resolutions/ Wish Lists

Just for the record, data inputted on 20.04.09

1. A PhD studentship
2. Learn 1 new language
3. Be consistent on study, 2hours per day for study.
4. Sleep early, the latest is 1am.
5. Finished up Digital Fortress, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter in a year.
6. Get a watch
7. Paris / Germany trip. CRAP!Budget problem,revert to next year I guess! Note: Wishes granted in 2008!
8. Large capacity MP3 player
9.Pen Drive
10. Bicycle
11. A Pair of Nike Running Shoes.Note: Wishes granted by last Christmas!
12. dSLR Camera
13. A pair of good quality earbud earphone. Old one not working now..


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