Monday, November 05, 2007

Revival of the blog

I know that this blog hasn't been update for quire some times. I am pretty busy with my life recently with the work, eat, sleep, study life. No sex life though.. haha..

Anyway, I got a chance to mingle with my neighbours next door tonight with my housemates. Pete and Rose are a couple of almost 80 years old. They are a very nice British couple, and who doesn't look old at all! I would say they look like 50 years old only and very healthy too. From our brief but sweet conversation, we knew that Pete was the veteran WW II army officer in Egypt until the the end of the war. They are married for more than 36 years! Incredible feat I would say. And Pete still fit to drive a car! Woot, tell me how many 80 years old you ever encounter can drive a car steadily!

It is really interesting to hear their life stories and they even told us how they meet each other. Haha... really open minded old couple and caring at the same time.

Well, wish that next time we will still have chance to talk and have a wine or 2. Haha...


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