Friday, October 05, 2007

Life Game- Discover The True Purpose of Life

I read this post today from my best mate's blog Albert, which I find it really true in a sense. Some of the descriptions are really realistic and I myself have gone through it too... The following article are taken and edited from my friend's blog, hope it will give you some inspirations...

What is the purpose of life? Why are you and i here on this earth? well, it hit the nail on my head during this 'Life Game' that i joined. Life Game is no game at all. It is organized by the Life Impact Ministries group, where your life will be fast forward until the end time, just like the movie "Clicks". What ever happens in this real world will happen in this Life Game, every single thing. I knew all along what this game was all about because of the word 'Life', and i knew there will be life born into this world, the process of life, the end of life and what to expect after that. I thought it would be boring since i knew how this game would go, but i never realized that i would expect the unexpected in life even though i had it all perfectly planned. That's what the process of life is all about.

    Everyone will receive an identity in this 'FreeCity', which will be given to you randomly. It's exactly the same in the real world. We don't get to choose which family we want to born to. I was born into a christian family, but haven't accepted Christ into my life. I only manage to further my study until degree level and work as a manager in a country club, since i was unable to apply the job that i want. It is just like the real world, some will be unemployed regardless of the education level. Morale of this story- Life can be unfair in this world.

    Many have to cheat, lie, betray others in the society in order to survive. I was betrayed by my boss and ended up in jail for false accused, even though i'm very loyal and faithful to my company. It cost me a lot of money to bail myself out. Then i was fired and jobless. Wow.. how terrified it was. Later i got a job at the mall as promoter due to God's grace cause it not easy to get a job here. there are many jobless people in this FreeCity. The lesson of this story- always be prepared for the worst.

    I was married at the age of 45 to a muslim background girl who had properties of her own. It's like the real world, Muslims can change their religion, that's the freedom of love that God has given to every single human being on this earth base on the faith they have towards God. The thing is... you need to go through a lot of process in order to do so, some will not be approved to do so. The law didn't say you can't, it's only the matter whether you dare to bare the risk of been persecuted by your own society. I had a friend who got the Muslim religion, i think he made full use of his religion benefit by marrying four wives. Mine got approved, but we ended up serving at the wrong church due to carelessness. Just like in the Bible, there will be fasle Churches in this world. Morale of this story- Always be alert of what you are doing. be more detail and never take things for granted. I think i've learned that lesson.

    Been married is good, but i ended up paying a lot for my marriage. But what i've learned is "team work" and understand the strength of my partner or team members, which will make the task of accomplishing something to be much easier. Secondly, been able to set a same goal and objectives in achieving something is important. The morale- Spend more time to discover your partner or team member strength. working as a team will reduce your burden instead of doing it all by yourself. Two heads are always better than one.

    Some died at their early age in this LifeGame, some died of old age, some died of diseases and some died of accidents. Many have died even before they could achieve their goal in life. So what's the purpose of living? Some say live life to the fullest, but how many can achieve that? Some said that the purpose of life is to make others happy. How many times can you make one happy, and how long can you do that? Some said prepare ourselves for heaven while we are still alive by obeying and practising God's command. By believing in God doesn't mean i can go to heaven, it's only the first step. By practicing His commands doesn't guarantee myself a place in Heaven. that's the second step. I have asked my friends of other religions why they believe in their own religion, and they told me their religion is the only way to Heaven. When i asked them "Do you think you will go to heaven?". They answered me "no", because they need to obey and practise a lot of things which are not that easy to accomplish and they are not up to that standard, only the "noble" one can make it. I found that standard in the Bible as said by Christ Jesus before he return to Heaven- to do God's will, the final step and the purpose why we are here. Knowing it and to do it is two different things. There are risks and challenges to do God's will, Satan will do whatever it takes in order to stop you from achieving it. He will make you discourage and even turn away from God, which most of us would. That's why the road to heaven is narrow. Even Christians will fall, included i myself. That's why it's important to work as a team. Only God knows who will join Him in Heaven, he judge everyone by the hearts not by what we do and our appearance. So my friends, if you have turned away from God and leave church, i would like to invite you back and join me because my message to you is this - you will find yourself wasting your time chasing after the wind only when you found yourself dead. Don't live your lives the sinful way. Don't ever let Satan win the war, time is short...


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