Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A dreamy week...

The weather has became colder... the winter is approaching without even given a chance for the autumn to start. Temperature has dropped to an average of 13C in the daytime.

This kind of weather if prolonged, I guessed we will have a white winter in Nottingham this year. This week basically nothing much happening in my life. Still busy looking for a research post, writing 5 short essays for some multi-corporate companies graduate programme.

I am in the same state with all those new graduates. Fresh and new, not sure about own future, seeking jobs, seeking prospects. A bit envy of the business and management, engineering graduates as they manage to find jobs that easily! At one point, I kept asking myself am I in the wrong career path? Getting a science based jobs is that so hard to accomplished?

Nevertheless, I will not give up my hope on finding it! I sure will!


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