Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Autumn 2007 Nottingham

canonbanner2nokia banner 

 Autumn is another exciting season for photo shooting. Even though the short daylight and sometimes overcast skies made the overall photo shooting task much harder, but once you hit the sweet spot of the golden ray and a few puffy clouds on the sky! Bingo! You got the right formula for the great shot in Autumn.

Recently I just take a short stroll in my university to look for inspiration for my new photos shoot collections. Got the photos that satisfied me. I am quite happy with it. Let me know if you agree too...

leaves copy

Autumn leaves... A mild Bokeh effect applied.

me and trend

My latest self portrait. Me and trend tower.

Apart from taking photos in my campus, I did take a couples of photos when on the way back from my work in the town. Here you go, below is the photo I took at the canal site during the sunset.


Autumn sunset.

Well, I hope you loves those photos and leave some comments to me so that I can improve ok? Cheers!

A dreamy week...

The weather has became colder... the winter is approaching without even given a chance for the autumn to start. Temperature has dropped to an average of 13C in the daytime.

This kind of weather if prolonged, I guessed we will have a white winter in Nottingham this year. This week basically nothing much happening in my life. Still busy looking for a research post, writing 5 short essays for some multi-corporate companies graduate programme.

I am in the same state with all those new graduates. Fresh and new, not sure about own future, seeking jobs, seeking prospects. A bit envy of the business and management, engineering graduates as they manage to find jobs that easily! At one point, I kept asking myself am I in the wrong career path? Getting a science based jobs is that so hard to accomplished?

Nevertheless, I will not give up my hope on finding it! I sure will!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

22.09.2007 Last day as the student assistant


We waked up really early that day at around 7am to have our breakfast in Cripps Hall. This is the last time we will be together having a meal.

The early morning duty started with managing the queue for the new students who were heading to various different accommodations. It is a bit chaotic at the first 10 minutes but all thanks to our elite team spirit, we manage it extremely well. (wa... some boasting here!!!)  

The video taken during the last bus for students. Ignore the sentence when I say the bar thing. It is just a joke! =p

Those students only represent about 20% of our total students under our care. So you can imagine how hectic the job is! But of course in the midst of working, we are not forgetting to camho!


By the road side...

We successfully completed our mission at around 12pm, which is just great! We gathered in the Cripps hall building to take one group photo before going to the Portland Building for a de-briefing.

IMG_4980                        Our team--simply the best

In the de-briefing, we got the chance the write down our comments and opinions to improve this International Week. And during the lucky draw, I am lucky to pick up a 10GBP voucher from Blackwell Book store! Hehe, Harry Potter last book... here I come!

n199714920_36367071_9406                        Our team-- the best team.. hehe...

After the de-briefing, we took a whole BIG group photos with Head
of International Student Support, International Office Deborah Webb and the student advisor Rosemary Gibson.


One for the album and memories...

We are pretty tired at the end, down with flu some more.. but all in all it is a fun-filled week for me and I got to meet a lot of new friends here. Well, hope to see you all again when the chances come! =)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Super late post--cleaning up my room

Ok Ok, I know this comes in really late! But well what the heck, better late than never...  As you guys might have known, I have moved out of the Cloister House on the mid-Sept. The moving stuff thingie and other house's contract thingie had do our head in!

Anyway, all those things had been sorted now and I am still in one-piece..which is a good thing by the way.

Click on the video to take a look at the fast forward process of clearing up my room... Well only click it if you are bored, because it is nothing much to see... Haha...


Thursday, October 11, 2007

International Performance night!

 The moment has came! All the hard works and sleepless "day time" for this night has arrived! Behold for the ultimate embarrassment for the dance steps! Haha...


Can you see Eunice expression?!?


Photos before the dance IMG_4929

group photos


The chinese dance!

The DANCE! Pardon the crappy video camera man! -_-"

The dance turned out to be OK, minus the part where I fumbled to the dance steps... =p

After the dance, we chilled in the mix, Hugh Stewart Pub. Basically discussing about what should be improved and what should we do for the last day, albeit one of the most hectic days for the whole week! Managing the queues and buses at the same time.


Philip is trying to make a statement with his signature Karate chop!


Kunal is making a dumb face


The Boozes are not ours!, well, 2 of them is ours... haha...


Phils with his hoodie and Hiba!



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sennheiser MX-51 Earphone personal review

After almost a week of listening and juggling between so many genre of music through this new earphone that I bought, I found some strong points and weak points of this critically acclaimed Sennheiser Mx-51 earphones. And it costs me 10GBP only from, inclusive of P&P.

Upon receiving the set of earphones. You can't help but admiring the beautifully designed earphones and it's shining earphone storage box.


The full set of earphones without the ear pads on them.


Supplied earpad

I am happily give  them a 9 out of 10 rating on the designs on these earphones.

Sennheiser boasted its new Basswind System for powerful bass response and Ergonomic design that ensures optimum fit. While I happily open the package, I read from the manuals in the plastic case recommended putting on the ear pads for optimum performance from the earphones, so I did. The fitting on the ear need a while to get used to, as you can see from the photo, the shape of the ear buds is a bit different from the conventional earphones.

I test drive the MX-51 using Creative Zen Micro and also my the onboard sound card from my laptop. I feel tempt to test the earphones using my ever so cool sound blaster live! sound card, but it is about 8,000km away from me now. So no chance at this current moment.

I use different genres of songs in MP3 format to evaluate the earphones quality. Some of the songs are: Hotel California (Live with Eric Clapton as the guitarist); Love stoned, What goes around ( Justin Timberlake); Motorcycle, Rain came down to me, cosmic train by DJ Tiesto; latest album of LeeHom, Xing juo by LeeHom, Killer and K.O. by JJ Lin; Many songs from David Tao and his concert recording; Linkin park songs, some random hip hop songs.. just to name a few. All MP3 are encoded in the minimum of 160kbps 44kHz, with most of the songs are in in 192kbps and 44kHz.

First impression when listening to this Sennheiser is just WOW!!! The bass is so rich, it can really go real LOW, I mean really low, the deep thumping bass, which is better than my Sony MDR-G64. I listened to Hotel California Live with these 2 earphones side by side as comparison. The congo drums are really distinctively lively in Sennheiser. Not bad for an earbud in a small price. The sound leaking is minimal too if compared with the MDR-G64.

But my good impression started to be spoilt when the eagles started singing and when it is in the part where Eric Clapton's guitar plugging is being highlighted. The treble output from this earphone is so bad.. so bad that I have to adjust the EQ of the treble to the max to get an acceptable clarity. The mid is flat, without any warm in it. The sound stage is very disappointing too; it is not wide enough... I tried other songs as listed above with the same disappointing results. What makes me really frustrated is that the artists vocal is so blur and muddle! Mad at how it makes LeeHom and David Tao vocals sounds in the slow numbers sounds like singing with the clothes on the mouth! David Tao Soul Power Concert recordings which I always enjoyed became really difficult to listen to...

I tried to adjust the EQ on the Zen Micro with little success to rescue the muddle effect of the artists' vocal.  Finally, I decided to give the Sennheiser another try, this time without the earpads on! OK, now it sounds much better! The treble, mid and sound stage have drastically improved! It really give me back that satisfaction of listening to live music. However, I can notice the decrease of the amount of the bass output. Well, I prefer the vocal and treble over deep low bass, so it is still bearable. But afraid not, the bass is still there, just not as rich when I put on the ear pads.

I tried playing some classical renditions with these ear buds too as I do listen to classical music occasionally. Even though the ear phones manage to follow faithfully the orchestra play, I can't feel the "warmth" and "richness" needed to reproduce the real feel of the whole songs.

All in all, it is a very value-for-money ear phones if you compared it with other ear phones that is sub 10GBP. I do compared it with my MDR-G64 which cost around 23GBP, and it almost reached that kind of music reproduction quality.

Final words,

1) Great for most of the music genres, except for classical songs.

2) Big Bang on the Small Price,

3) Want a extremely high clarity sound reproduction? Please look else where.. Sony MDR-E888, Sennheiser PX-100 and Yuin PK-1 or PK-3 are some of good earphones. BUT, for those fashion conscience people, I personally think only Sennheiser MX-51 and Sony MDR-E888 can do the fashion statements. YUIN design looks exactly like cheap made earphone, but with an extremely high price ( Prepare to pay 100GBP for it!). Sony MDR-E888 costs around 30GBP..

That's all for my new ear phones review!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

21.09.2007 Practice makes Perfect!

 Today is a hangover day for us, well at least for me. Having a 4hours sleep and had to rush to take care of the Health registration Q and Computer room.

Later on practicing the dance again!!!


The kung fu dance! watch the video! 

Right after the dance, we had our last dinner together as a team.. All of us make an extra effort to gather and have dinner together in the Cripps.


One for the memory


Friends forever...


Bollywood movie cover! Look at Leeyan!


Being sentimental with our Walkie...

After our dinner, we rushed to the Portland Building to get ready for the international Performance day. Watch this space as tomorrow I will upload the video the performance night! =)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Life Game- Discover The True Purpose of Life

I read this post today from my best mate's blog Albert, which I find it really true in a sense. Some of the descriptions are really realistic and I myself have gone through it too... The following article are taken and edited from my friend's blog, hope it will give you some inspirations...

What is the purpose of life? Why are you and i here on this earth? well, it hit the nail on my head during this 'Life Game' that i joined. Life Game is no game at all. It is organized by the Life Impact Ministries group, where your life will be fast forward until the end time, just like the movie "Clicks". What ever happens in this real world will happen in this Life Game, every single thing. I knew all along what this game was all about because of the word 'Life', and i knew there will be life born into this world, the process of life, the end of life and what to expect after that. I thought it would be boring since i knew how this game would go, but i never realized that i would expect the unexpected in life even though i had it all perfectly planned. That's what the process of life is all about.

    Everyone will receive an identity in this 'FreeCity', which will be given to you randomly. It's exactly the same in the real world. We don't get to choose which family we want to born to. I was born into a christian family, but haven't accepted Christ into my life. I only manage to further my study until degree level and work as a manager in a country club, since i was unable to apply the job that i want. It is just like the real world, some will be unemployed regardless of the education level. Morale of this story- Life can be unfair in this world.

    Many have to cheat, lie, betray others in the society in order to survive. I was betrayed by my boss and ended up in jail for false accused, even though i'm very loyal and faithful to my company. It cost me a lot of money to bail myself out. Then i was fired and jobless. Wow.. how terrified it was. Later i got a job at the mall as promoter due to God's grace cause it not easy to get a job here. there are many jobless people in this FreeCity. The lesson of this story- always be prepared for the worst.

    I was married at the age of 45 to a muslim background girl who had properties of her own. It's like the real world, Muslims can change their religion, that's the freedom of love that God has given to every single human being on this earth base on the faith they have towards God. The thing is... you need to go through a lot of process in order to do so, some will not be approved to do so. The law didn't say you can't, it's only the matter whether you dare to bare the risk of been persecuted by your own society. I had a friend who got the Muslim religion, i think he made full use of his religion benefit by marrying four wives. Mine got approved, but we ended up serving at the wrong church due to carelessness. Just like in the Bible, there will be fasle Churches in this world. Morale of this story- Always be alert of what you are doing. be more detail and never take things for granted. I think i've learned that lesson.

    Been married is good, but i ended up paying a lot for my marriage. But what i've learned is "team work" and understand the strength of my partner or team members, which will make the task of accomplishing something to be much easier. Secondly, been able to set a same goal and objectives in achieving something is important. The morale- Spend more time to discover your partner or team member strength. working as a team will reduce your burden instead of doing it all by yourself. Two heads are always better than one.

    Some died at their early age in this LifeGame, some died of old age, some died of diseases and some died of accidents. Many have died even before they could achieve their goal in life. So what's the purpose of living? Some say live life to the fullest, but how many can achieve that? Some said that the purpose of life is to make others happy. How many times can you make one happy, and how long can you do that? Some said prepare ourselves for heaven while we are still alive by obeying and practising God's command. By believing in God doesn't mean i can go to heaven, it's only the first step. By practicing His commands doesn't guarantee myself a place in Heaven. that's the second step. I have asked my friends of other religions why they believe in their own religion, and they told me their religion is the only way to Heaven. When i asked them "Do you think you will go to heaven?". They answered me "no", because they need to obey and practise a lot of things which are not that easy to accomplish and they are not up to that standard, only the "noble" one can make it. I found that standard in the Bible as said by Christ Jesus before he return to Heaven- to do God's will, the final step and the purpose why we are here. Knowing it and to do it is two different things. There are risks and challenges to do God's will, Satan will do whatever it takes in order to stop you from achieving it. He will make you discourage and even turn away from God, which most of us would. That's why the road to heaven is narrow. Even Christians will fall, included i myself. That's why it's important to work as a team. Only God knows who will join Him in Heaven, he judge everyone by the hearts not by what we do and our appearance. So my friends, if you have turned away from God and leave church, i would like to invite you back and join me because my message to you is this - you will find yourself wasting your time chasing after the wind only when you found yourself dead. Don't live your lives the sinful way. Don't ever let Satan win the war, time is short...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

20.09.2007-- Oceana NIGHT!!!

This will be the most exciting night ever for the whole welcoming week! Oceana dance club outing with the newbies! Woot! We are so excited by it until some people forgot to bring their ID!

Another exciting thing is that due to the fact that we are the student assistants, we got the express gone through passes just like celebrities or VIP. No need to Q up and check for ID. Express i mean, no Q, no hassle. Exciting.

ISB booked 2 double deckers to scoop all our people to the club. And some people went trigger happy with their cameras 


Me and Phil in the bus.

As we reached there, we are ushered into the club through the express lane. Woot, the bouncers has to let us pass as we are DA MAN!!! Haha... In the club, it is so freaking hot! I mean hotter than usual! disco lights, smoking effect and dance lights surrounding us, thumping music from the speakers are blared out loud! Dance music! Hip hop! Woot! We dance our heart out!

OK, no videos being taken, so let me show you the photos instead... 

n506248590_133919_7667 n506248590_133917_6387 n506248590_133906_2428 n199714920_36297779_3318 n199714920_36297776_2642  n199714920_36297773_1977   

No need to explain much, the photos most of them explain themselves for me. We had so much fun..... wish we can get another round of oceana next time, VIP style...

20.09.2007-- health registration and PC lab help out!

 Today basically just doing nothing much, except on duty for the health registration and in the PC lab helping out Joe to handle the students enquiries about the online registration.

Before the "big day work" we had our breakfast in Derby Hall.

derby hall

View in the hall..

After Breakfast, I hang out a bit in the Hugh Stewart Hall Reception area.

joe and hiba

The usual crowd in the hall...

And Eunice is as busy as usual to work things right for the new students, and busy building rapport with the hall porters and staff..


at the counter

me and joe

Me and Joe, OK i look fat.. I know that, it is just a photo angle...

eunice and me

Eunice and me in front of Hugh Stewart Hall

eunice and me 2

In the Portland Building 

eunice and leeyan

My best portrait work so far!

malvika and me

Malvika and me in the PC lab.

Later on in the day, we practice our dance again in Cripps Hall foyer, to get ready for the international performance night..

me practicing dance

Me during the dance... 

The dance video...

I always can't get the indian dance correct! Argh... always missing the rhythm and the dance steps... a bit frustrated...

Anyway, got the dance ok in the end.. After the dance, feel hungry so quickly go to have the dinner.

We have to have our dinner in Sherwood hall, which is half a mile away!!!

me and hiba 

Some more got time to snap photos!!!

sherwood hall

We reached Sherwood Hall...

Impressive emblem, this hall is reserved for EU students.

We have our food in the kitchen and quickly tuck in! Fish and chips... Unfortunately the fish taste extremely fishy, way too fishy...

 in the sherwood hall


in sherwood

See Leeyan face? Now you know how it taste now??



After the dinner, we go back room to rest, and prepare ourselves for the OCEANIA Club outing!!! Woot!

(Continue in Part 2 tomorrow)

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