Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy mooncake festival 2008

Just a short wish to everyone who celebrate the mid-autumn festival. I didn't celebrate like previously I had in Malaysia. It is a quiet day for me. Been to Beeston and greeted by a heavy rain. Anyway,it is a chance to shoot some nice photos. Been to Fresh Asia too, and found out they do sell mooncake for 3.75 pounds one piece. I didn't buy it, because of the price and it is ran out of stock. A bit worried that the quality of the mooncake made too.

Night time, Toshiko visited my home, and made us the japanese apple cake (not sure whether it is corrected called). Been to Philips home to hang out for a few hours, then back home snap some crazy photos with my housemates.

There is all I do for this mooncake festival, nothing much special.


Reflection: Photo taken in Beeston after the rain. Not the best one I took but it is a good start.


Moon cake that I got from Justin! Ate it last 2 days..


Serene Neo said...

Hi there,
just dropping by while I am browsing for some mooncake to feed my crave this mooncake festival. Your blog seemed dated back to 2007 but the title is 2008? Anyways, perhaps this information that I am going to share will be useful to you. The brand Double Happiness does "modern mooncakes" with pandan, durian, lotus with double yolk etc. Produced in Malaysia! ;)
*Happy Mooncake Festival (in advance)*

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