Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fighting in my FLAT!!!

A fight broke out in my flat 2 days ago!!! The bagger Bangla PhD pick up fight with another flat mate!

Well, he is damn big size, but so clumsy, so he being knocked down. And he is so pissed, and called the police! -_-" He is such a dumb ass, started the fight and still call the police. And then I have to give statement too because I witness the whole thing and I have to separate those 2 away with my other friend.
Turned out, the polices just laugh when interview the friend that involved in the fight. because my friend already got a dislocate shoulder due to football injury, but still manage to pin down that stupid fella which is twice his size! And that guy deserve it! He stared to punch ppl, and swear non stop. So that will teach him a lesson!


Dush! Argh! This will teach you a lesson!


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