Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy mooncake festival 2008

Just a short wish to everyone who celebrate the mid-autumn festival. I didn't celebrate like previously I had in Malaysia. It is a quiet day for me. Been to Beeston and greeted by a heavy rain. Anyway,it is a chance to shoot some nice photos. Been to Fresh Asia too, and found out they do sell mooncake for 3.75 pounds one piece. I didn't buy it, because of the price and it is ran out of stock. A bit worried that the quality of the mooncake made too.

Night time, Toshiko visited my home, and made us the japanese apple cake (not sure whether it is corrected called). Been to Philips home to hang out for a few hours, then back home snap some crazy photos with my housemates.

There is all I do for this mooncake festival, nothing much special.


Reflection: Photo taken in Beeston after the rain. Not the best one I took but it is a good start.


Moon cake that I got from Justin! Ate it last 2 days..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stunning Photos-- as promised!

This is just come in, I have to interrupt the blogging news for the welcoming week for once. Haha...

  I did mentioned that I will "produce" some nice photos to put on this blog very soon, well ladies and gentleman!!! Drum rolls please!!!


sunset at the dows

sunset at the Dows, in the Uni park campus.


On the way to Sherwood Hall, a bit of photoshop touch up because didn't get a satisfactory result.


Trend Building standing tall and with pride


Alright... this photo is not taken during the welcoming week. It is taken in a waiting area of a hospital, Oxford.

19.09.2007-- Dance sequence training and Barn Dance

OK, nothing much to report on this day, but I started my duty by taking care of the Coates Building, directing new students to the appropriate room for the seminar/talk. It is a boring duty...


Duty in Coates Building with Malvika


Dance Practice...




All people are exhausted by the training and practice... Later on, we had our dinner at the cripps hall, and I went to the Barn Dance in the Portland Building, dance with a couple of girls, which is pretty fun.




As you can see, the hall was jammed packed with people!  After the dance, I went back to the room to rest and waiting for another new day to come...

All photos in this post is shot by Nokia N70 camera.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

18.09.2007-- Cripps Hall and Hugh Stewart Hall Chaotic Check in

Right, Today is the first day breakfast with the students in Lincoln Hall, having a traditional English Breakfast.


Lincoln Hall Dining Hall


With Eunice my Senior Assistant

After eating at the hall, we are getting ready to usher the new students registration.


People discussing their duties


Me and Joe. OMG! I look that fat! I think it is because of the camera angle.


Cripps Hall with the long queue in the morning.

We are practically busy till midnight,then me and Eunice have to take the midnight shift duty. Although it sounds like hard work, but in fact we are having so much fun. At around 2am we still receiving 20 more students. After that, we don't have anymore student till 5am.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

17.09.2007-- First day Receiving Students from Ningbo campus

First day morning, all student assistants were ushered to portland building to attend a briefing conducted by Deborah Webb, Head of the international office. We were given 2 bright yellow T-shirts and one black hoodie sweater, which looks a bit cool.


Briefing conducted by Deborah


Me taken during the breakIMG_48572

Me with the hoodie sweater

After this, we went back to the hall to rest till 5pm, The weather suddenly changed so much so that it is so cloudy and rainy and chilly!

We all prepare ourselves to receive those students in The Mix, a student bar in Hugh Stewart Hall at around 530pm.


Random Shot in the bar 

Later in the night, the students came in 3 separate couches in different time. We have to work our way to accommodate those students and also ordered Domino's Pizza for everyone meal.

All in all it is a quite a tiring day, but we managed to go back to our own room at around 11pm, which is great.

Corrections: according to Eunice, it is 1230am when we received the last batch of students. Thanks Eunice for the info!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First day at Uni of Nottingham International Welcoming Week

17.09.2007-- First time meet up at Cripps hall to collect my room key from Eunice, My senior Assistant. Checked in and prepare to have a night out at the Red Hot Buffet courtesy of the International Office, met up with many interesting people.

First up, the intro Video...

Later at 630pm, we took a taxi to the RED HOT BUFFET and had a food feast!!!


 Mel, Eunice and Eelen.


Me and Liyen, seriously I have no idea why I pose like a dork!!! -_-"

Videos in the Red Hot Buffet


More will be coming up later! Stay Tuned!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Backdated Post, Beeston Short trip with Videos

 I've decided to do a short clip video to show to my family the trip to Beeston on the bicycle. So after the long delay and the time taken off to edit the videos, finally I got one that is relatively good looking... haha.. enjoy.


This is me before the trip, in Cloister Back yard


Me again in another angle. 

The video!!!


The bike and Me in Beeston


Trend Building on the way back

Backdated post-- Flaming Dragon Jia's on the house and Pre VIVA dinner buffet!!

The day after the presentation of our research project (23.08.2007) , Jia, Dr. Lucy Lucy's PhD student bought us a nice oriental buffet in the FLAMING DRAGON, Corner House. Woot!

As this is the first time I am in this restaurant, I was a bit overwhelmed by the variety of food you can get! Oh wait, the brazilian grill is not oriental!! Anyway, it is a nice touch so I'll let it be. Haha... Let me see, we have tepanyaki, many type of chinese food! Japanese Sushi. ( but doesn't have lots of choices if compared with the SUSHI KING back in home). Ok photos up!!!


One for the group! CHEERS!!! Woot! Exam is over!!! NOW call us IMMUNOLOGIST!


The descendents of Dragon in the class


Kailyn and Jia! Hot Stuff!


Johnny why don't you wear black that night? Hehe...


Johnny boy with Kailyn infront of John Lewis


Run out of idea for this photo, figure that out yourself


Me with the chinese chicks


future Dr. Jia...

Pre Viva dinner...again in Flaming Dragon

OK, supposedly this is the farewell dinner for all the coursemate, but we received the shocking news of most of us getting a VIVA a day before. Anyway, we still go ahead with the plan to have dinner together..well, except 3 girls that didn't show up.


A-must group photos. With me and the BORAT style Silly thumbs up pose.


Johnny boy and me with the big pimple on my forehead. *slap my head for having that*


I asked Johnny wanna see my big swollen acne, he said NO!!!!! I don't wanna see your swollen part. LOL!


Emeto is so obsessed with the cucumber croc! By the way, That is kailyn idea to get me hold it!!!

After the meal, we snapped some photos out of the flaming dragon, and obstructed the entrance just for the heck of it! P/s: not intentionally ok?


Johnny my bro!!!


What the heck, my borat style again....


With johnny


With Kailyn

I miss you all so much man! No more blurring together in the class, no more rushing to complete assignments, no more talking non sense together anymore. Wish you all have a great success in the future undertaking ok?

Photos taken with Canon Powershot A85, Sony S650, Samsung DigiCam SOny Ericsson K800i, and Nokia N70. You will be amazed on how good the Nokia photo quality is.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Apple Nano 3rd Gen Players Design is Suck!!

ARGH!!! Just read the news and the photos of the new iPod Nano, it is so far the crappiest iPod Nano I ever see from Apple! Let the photo do the justification for me! Don't get me wrong, I really love the design of the 1st gen iPod Nano, but after that the Nano design just go downhill ever since! Tomorrow I will drop by to Curry Digital to look at the actual unit, just to make sure it is not the photograph that makes it looks so cheap! Will keep you updated!


The latest iPod Nano 3rd Gen... OMG! Looks horrible!!!

Compared it with iPod 1st Gen


Can some one please tell me which design do you prefer?? For me, I prefer the 1st Gen Design!! It is still one of my favorite design!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Time to get some stunning photos again!

Drum rolls please and and while you at it, some techno music!!!

It's been a long time since I filled my Photographs collection under my belts! I will definitely do it! Sooner or later, after the Viva of course... Once again to capture the beauty of Summer... Watch this space!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quick short update for the week

A quick and short update before I head to shower and ready for the Flaming Dragon gathering with my coursemates. This week particularly nothing much happening, well apart from the fact that Dr. Lucy praised me for doing a great job in my research, and she is interested to accept me as her PhD student.

Oh, I sent my Nokia N70 for repair again because the back camera seems to produce 0.8Mpixels photos only even if I set it at 2Mpixels, albeit the poor photo quality produced by it. It is repaired and returned to me within 2 Days! Quick and easy. During those 2 days, used the store's loan phone, which is a BRICK-like Motorola C975.

511_g Brick like motorola.

NOW, I can truly say that my Nokia N70 photo quality can do the justification! Photo is sharp and clear, no more crappy photo! Woot! Happy for the fact that I can use my phone as a backup camera. =)

Oh, I will move out of my accommodation very soon now. So am starting to find boxes to pack my stuff. Watch this space as I might keep you posted here. Abientot!


Sample photo snapped in my store with Nokia N70


Another one

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