Friday, August 03, 2007

Gifts from Pear-- Thanks!

Not too long ago, well a month ago to be precise, I introduce Pear to Jean for Pear is going to France and she is not sure about the local thingie there. So what I did is match my french friend here with Pear. Don't get me wrong, but they are just friend. haha...

Well, after the trip, Pear bought me a gift from France.. A L'occitane soap! Really famous in France. Haha... Photos below. Merci beaucoup Pear. Je sui comme lui. =) The last sentence is french by the way... want to know what it means? send me comments and I will tell you. Haha!


The gift bag! Imported from France! Viva la France!


The soap that I received...


peivoon said...

Ai Ling also got give me a small sample kit from Loccitane last time.. they really smell good. even better quality than bodyshop. Anyway last time i got notice u have a country counter. where is it now? Last time i notice got 14 malaysian reading ur blog.

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