Friday, August 31, 2007

Random post...

Nothing much to say, really tired for the day.. been to the Fitness Gym for a day, sales person there sucks big time! Really pushy and asked to pay for a membership even before I try out the facilities there. Crap!

Anyway, I have a relax day (kinda). Been listening to Namewee songs again. he will release a new Album on 3rd of Sept. Just can't imagine how the gov gonna curb him. Anyhow he is really brave, not like some people KIASU...

Oh, pretty happy that I found another ftp server to host my photos. Photos below are 2 random photos. My Brunch on last Sunday, and my blog interface on the mobile internet. YES! It is mobile true internet, not those compressed lousy WAP. I used my Nokia N70 to snap that pic, no close up function, albeit the blurry photo.



My brunch! DIY ok? Not buy from some cafes...


Sony Ericsson W660i mobile internet.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Presentation day-- Last day on the Master Course 22.08.2007

Just a short updates from me before i head to bed. We have a great time presenting our project to the panel of lecturers and experts.. My supervisor was there as usual...

We gave our best in the presentation and in the end of all presentation. We had a private comment session by the panel's. We did snapped some photos after the presentations... There you go...

Me with Johnny and Kailyn!!

Self potrait!!! Behind me is Dr. Ian Todd

In Lab1

With Rex

From left, Rex, Johnny, Me and Dio

My coursemates!!!

See, never mess with the girls!!! LOL!

With my lovely supervisor: Dr. Lucy Fairclough

Johnny and kailyn with the lecturers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Problem with Photo Files Hosting FTP server

 I have been working around the clock for 2 days trying to deal with the ftp server. It had failed for the first time after 6 months of usage... Really strange, it had never happen before.

I search high and low for alternative... Tons of host allows me to upload up to 5GB of data, some even stated UNLIMITED, but all don't allow me to hotlink/direct link the photos to my blog...

So finally I got on hold of which allow it. Fingers crossed that they will not change the rules yo!


Test image hosting site... Leehom Latest CD cover

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

University of Nottingham at night

Photo snapped at night, windy! Cloudy and chilly! Originally was going to snap some fun fair night photos... but the fun fair is in the midst of closing when I arrived, so well, I walked to the lakeside instead to snap some night photos of Trend Building.

Night time at the Trend...


This is another photo snapped by the canal while on the way back from Sainsbury... Snapped long time ago, a day before I went to Heathrow... Hehe...


Thursday, August 16, 2007

I pimped my Windows again!!!

I am supposed to fully concentrate on my dissertation presentation slides as the deadline is near the corner, but as my curiosity towards the possibility of pimping my windows XP into some other OS interface without installing those dreadful shell program, I try it out to install a few programs that mimic those gadgets found in Mac OS X... And a beautiful wallpaper to boot. Viola! here you go, Imac like interface!

Yeah, I spend an hour doing it, and another 30mintures to customize the icons in higher pixels... Well, tonight I must continue the slides thingie!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

House Hunting

Time flies! It is almost a year I have been to UK, and my contract with UPP Ltd. is almost come to and end, so finding a new place to stay is inevitable.

I have been out and going to find a suitable house to share with another 2 of my friends. Anu is in India at that time and left Aaron and me to find the houses. Well, the finding process is not hard as there are many houses to let, the only problem is that we will not rent for long term... So we have been house shopping for 3 weeks before reaching our decisions on houses, and of course reach an agreement with the landlord regarding to the length of the contract... Houses that we have visited through...

Mm... terrace house, counted as expensive for the rent considering the spaces...

same here...

Nice house, but too many rooms!

Nice house but taken! Hehe...


Signboards are everwhere! So no worries whether you will not be able to find a place to stay.

another empty house

Row of houses...


For rent!!! Well, the white house looks really dodgy!


Nice house, especially the apartment, but way too expensive! 380pounds a month for each person! (something like that)


Another sign board... and another nice house for rent

In the end, we manage to get one nice house semi detached with a reasonable price! Woot! Looking forward to move in!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Adventures to Heathrow

I am officially employed by Hutchison Three as a sales associate in Notts! Woot! Well, it is just a part time job, but what the heck! This one manage to pay off my house rental fees, so I am not complaining for the moment. Of course, this will not be my main job!

The journey begins with a fast train trip from notts station to London st pancras.

Tickets to the adventurous journey.

Fast train in Nottingham station. It will takes about 2 and a half hours to reach London. Average speed is 100mph or around 150km/h

Interior of the train. Looks like a plane setting, but with only 3seats in a row…

Google map that helped me to find my bearing in London.

I was rushing to take another conecting train in paddington train station, so I didn't take the photos till Paddington Station.

Finally reached Paddington Station. Got a few minutes to spare, so took some photos and video...

Video: Paddington Station

Progress & Development--photos taken from Hayes, Harlington.

The hotel that I stayed. Glanced through the room rates, found out it is 250GBP a night! Lucky that the company is paying that.

Room that I stayed...


Video intro...

first appetizer, prawn salad! Finally have a proper prawn meal in ages!!!

Roast Pork Loin...

photo taken by me b4 the camera batt run out!!! My team members.

Well, most of the days are almost the same routine: eat, training, eat, walk to McD,get wifi…

The hotel is extremely near to the airport Terminal 4. So can see the plane land and takes off in close proximity…

The last day morning is a trip to Hutchison Headquarter. Surprised that they sent a chauffeur service for us, latest Mercedes Benz S series. Really cool and comfy ride!

Finally a portrait of myself in the car!

After 4 days of training, it is time to go back Nottingham, Caught in the rush hour at 530pm in the tube!

The crowd

Pass by King's Cross

Train station clock tower

In the train, snapped some nice photos...

All in all, it is a nice but tiring journey... Next time, I will try to get a chance to stay in London for a couple of days to enjoy the city...

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