Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I managed to complete my dissertation but I didn't manage to grab some sleeps

After sitting in front of my laptop for 6 hours sraight, I managed to coplete my dissertation in time! 2 days was given to come out with a Discussion Chapter? Impossible! But at least I made an effort and make it possible. Have sent to Dr Lucy to get it marked. She commented my effort and only a little has to be editted ( well, according to her standard la).. For me, it will be another sleepness night...

I have to edit the discussion chapter, AND the result chapter--which is by the way the pain in the ass. The result chapter is by far the hardest to adjust for its page layout format is wrong and I need to re arrange all the figures! ARGH!!! Anyway, Don't care so much, now so tired, will grab a wink before I start my engine again. God saves me!


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