Sunday, July 01, 2007

Air Asia X Manchester from KL RM9.90

Well, at least this is good news for me this year. Air Asia, Malaysia premier low cost air carrier is expending to accommodate long haul flights!

Flight destinations include Manchester and London. The best part of it is that the ticket price only cost RM 9.90 (1.41 pounds) one way, excluding tax and surcharge! This is something worth celebrating! Alright, even the RM9.90 is valid for some period only, but hey, even the normal ticket price is only about RM300. If you include the airport tax and fuel surcharge, it is just a little over RM700 (100 pounds). So now I can fly back home whenever I miss home, Malaysian food or Malaysian girl pamper. You know who you are! =p

Datuk Fernandaz, I salute you man! You are the man! You are the models for the entrepreneurs, even if you are rich; you didn't show it in my office and showroom too. Just wearing a cap, a normal t-shirts and shorts. Cool man! Hope to meet you again when I'm back to Malaysia, or how bout a cup of earl gray in Manchester café, the bill is on me! Or you can prefer our Local Mamak Stalls! =p


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