Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I managed to complete my dissertation but I didn't manage to grab some sleeps

After sitting in front of my laptop for 6 hours sraight, I managed to coplete my dissertation in time! 2 days was given to come out with a Discussion Chapter? Impossible! But at least I made an effort and make it possible. Have sent to Dr Lucy to get it marked. She commented my effort and only a little has to be editted ( well, according to her standard la).. For me, it will be another sleepness night...

I have to edit the discussion chapter, AND the result chapter--which is by the way the pain in the ass. The result chapter is by far the hardest to adjust for its page layout format is wrong and I need to re arrange all the figures! ARGH!!! Anyway, Don't care so much, now so tired, will grab a wink before I start my engine again. God saves me!

Monday, July 30, 2007

FINALLY!!! I am done with the RESULT Chapter

 After spending the whole weekend crunching out the sentences and analysis of my data! Finally I am done with the result chapter.. But only 3 pages with figures... Afraid a bit too little, anyway, I just say things straight to the point, I figured out it is no point to try and produce a long articles but with lots of rubbish inside. I have an email to my supervisor with the result thingie. Hope she is satisfied with the work and hope that I don't need to alter lots from the draft! Hehe...

I am pretty sleepy now, gonna sleep! Good night!

Click on the image to see part of my result chapter!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My OS has the 3D aero Flip!!!

 Wa, after drooling over the 3D flip function from the Win Vista, I finally got my hands on one of the nifty software that able to do the same thing. Pretty cool... not only cool, it is functional too! You can scroll through all the programs that are opened in the windows and browse the content in a flip. I am loving it!

My Desktop 3D Flip! Click on the photo for an enlarge version

Friday, July 27, 2007

First time on a ECG

This is the first time I had a ECG attached to me! Dang, it feels nothing but those wires that entangled on your body makes it looks like painful and complicated. Anyway, I am alright! Heart rate normal and ECG turned out OK. Mmm... Very weird if even I run 3 miles a day for at least thrice a week have to take ECG huh? hahaha, anyway, I counted that as my UK experiene. LOL!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Funny Hokkien Ads--Olympus camera & my all time favorite CD Pro 2 Funny spoof

Have a laugh! Hokien theme olympus camera...

Olympus Ads


CD Pro 2 Infernal Affair Spoof!

New PC Room in QMC

Woot! After the extremely long wait, the new PC Room finally is opened for use. Check out the new Dell Intel Core 2 duo mini PC! Pretty cool and ultra fast!


Look closely to the photo, the CPU is just behind the LCD monitor! Pretty small!

Ultra Cheap ticket to Sydney!

Now Malaysian are able to enjoy those crazy low price air fare to nice countries too! With Jetstar! Now they offer flight to Sydney from KLIA for the price of RM88 only! Exclude tax. After tax is about RM 410. Anyway, it is still a good buy! The price only during offer only, so grab the bargain!! Go to www.jetstar.com. Well, Airasia, when you want to start flying to Britain! Hehe... I am stil waiting.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Why They Moved out of Malaysia?

This is the comment that I wanted to convey after reading the news from The Star today. Home Affair Minister clarified over Datuk Tan Chai Ho (his deputy) statement that more than 79,000 malay migrated out of Malaysia. Now he mentioned that only 1,720 malays migrated out of Malaysia between 1996 and April this year, but he certainly forgot that he left out why there are more than 86,000 chinese and 8,667 indian gave up their citizenship of Malaysia.

That figures although is just a small percentage out of the total numbers of citizens in malaysia, but think about this, why only a large number of chinese and indian move to the other countries? I remember Datuk Tan mentioned in the initial report that most of them wanted to find a greener pasture. Hang on there, greener pasture? Let's think about this now, why Chinese think there is a greener pasture outside of Malaysia, and not Malaysia itself where we all called home? If so, is that means the malays aren't keen to find a greener pasture? Is it merely that? or is it that the chinese have the desire to run away from the unfair society in Malaysia? And of course, this statistics didn't take account of those who has a PR in other countries, who did not stay in Malaysia anymore but still hold the Malaysian Passport.

The government always trying to convince the Malaysian abroad to come back and contribute to the country, but what have the government policies did to make them stay out of Malaysia? Why they prefer not to come back at the first instance? I have seen many of my foreign friends who study here are so keen to go back home and contribute, so why can't malaysian chinese? Reason being is that the MP in malaysian parliement shouted chinese if don't happy with the policies can go back China, that is why! My foreign friends countries treat them fair and square, treat them well, not like us, only near to the election then only treat us well. After that it is a mixture of honey and sour milk!!

The Malaysian Chinese who study in Taiwan now wrote a few songs about Malaysia too. Now gone into a controversial problem because his songs baring all the ugly side of Malaysia. Police corruption, laziness of gov staff and other stuff too... Click on the youtube link which I pasted on the previous post and listen to it! All of his songs is true! Well, I have no more comment on these stupid races quota and NEP. If you want to progress, first make a change on the policies.


Only 1,720 Malays have migrated

MUAR: Only 1,720 Malays have surrendered their citizenship to migrate to other countries between 1996 and April this year, Home Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said.

He said the total number of Malaysians who had left the country since Independence was 106,003, of which 10,411 were Malays, 86,078 Chinese, 8,667 Indians and other races 847.

“I want to clarify the figures given by my deputy (Datuk Tan Chai Ho) who said recently that more than 79,000 Malays have surrendered their citizenship to live abroad,” he said.

Mohd Radzi said that between 1996 and April this year, 28,527 Malaysians had surrendered their citizenship.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Namewee done it again!

This controversial singer is a Malaysian Chinese. Sang lots of songs that elucidate the social problems in Malaysia, especially the unfairness of the government policies, ineffectiveness of the government servants and the corruption of the police!

There you go, click for the MTV! you have been warned! It contains profanity and don't listen to it if you can't take the truth!

Friday, July 13, 2007

David Tao Prowness!!!

OK, I don't think this series of NEW MV of the songs will be complete without the entry of David Tao songs!!! Don' get me worng, he is still no releasing the new songs, but I have the urge to post my all time favorite song! Here you go! RAIN! 


手牵手 This song is written by David Tao and LeeHom in 3 days! Amazing lyrics and sang by so many famous artists! A must listen song! Song dedicated to SARS health workers...

Jay Chow latest single 2007

Posted here is Jay Chow latest song 不能說的秘密. Not really impressive if compared to his previous songs! Anyway, I still post it here as for you to make comparison to his ther songs/ or other artists...


LeeHom New Album!

LeeHom songs and his creativity in song writing always amazed me, and his latest 2007 album is another of his statement on the music scene. Good looking, dynamic voice, creative song writing... that is how one gonna describe him! Posted below are his latest 2 new songs.. Tell me whether you love it or not ok?

王力宏- 落葉歸根 

改变自己 (fast number song)



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Backdated post-- Rourri Last day in Cloister

This is another long overdue post about Rourri Last day in Cloister. Man! He went back to Ireland a couple of weeks ago, one of my best flatmates!

My Cell culture is alright & can't sleep well tonight

I am delighted that all my cell culture are still alright after going through those gruesome old media! Hehe...

Luckily enough for me that all the patients did turned up for the blood donation. Fingers crossed, hope that the lat patient will turn up too on the next Monday, and Viola! I will finish all my lab work probably by the next Thursday. I pray that all my experiments will run smoothly also as it is the crucial time now.

Today finished lab at 6pm. Extremely shattered! So came back, after dinner and shower go straight to bed till 1230am. Can't sleep back now... Will sleep back in short while though. Hehe...

Monday, July 09, 2007


Oh my god! I suddenly remember that I suppose to change my media on fri! Damn! I duno whether it is still ok when the time I see them on MONDAY! Fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What I did for this weekend

Mmm... first weekend with my laptop. Woot! Prety happy with it. But, I didn't spend my whole weekends just surfing net and watching movies... I didn spend my whole Sunday prepare for the result report for my supervisor.. It is pretty hectic works.

By using Win MDI, I have to extract the data from all the FACS machine reading into percentage and also you need to understand what those dot plots are all about... Managed to process all of my experiments.

Look below, See what I meant?? Fingers crossed that the patient will turn up for tomorrow experiement!!!

My samples polulation

NK Cells secreted perforin and granzyme B


NK T Cells secreted perforin and granzyme B

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Long overdue blog entry!

After over a month of waiting, finally my laptop is sent back to me! I just can't describe the feeling of happiness and joyous in words!!!

OK, crapping apart, now I will show you what I did when my laptop is not around to kill time. Photos below.

Harry Potter magical touch...

Another one

And now the oxford bookmark!

Highfield, on the way to Beeston. Don't be deceived by the photo, this path is not headed to Beeston, it is to some hockey field i think...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Air Asia X Manchester from KL RM9.90

Well, at least this is good news for me this year. Air Asia, Malaysia premier low cost air carrier is expending to accommodate long haul flights!

Flight destinations include Manchester and London. The best part of it is that the ticket price only cost RM 9.90 (1.41 pounds) one way, excluding tax and surcharge! This is something worth celebrating! Alright, even the RM9.90 is valid for some period only, but hey, even the normal ticket price is only about RM300. If you include the airport tax and fuel surcharge, it is just a little over RM700 (100 pounds). So now I can fly back home whenever I miss home, Malaysian food or Malaysian girl pamper. You know who you are! =p

Datuk Fernandaz, I salute you man! You are the man! You are the models for the entrepreneurs, even if you are rich; you didn't show it in my office and showroom too. Just wearing a cap, a normal t-shirts and shorts. Cool man! Hope to meet you again when I'm back to Malaysia, or how bout a cup of earl gray in Manchester café, the bill is on me! Or you can prefer our Local Mamak Stalls! =p

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