Friday, June 15, 2007

Finally my experiments works flawlessly!

After 1 month of trial and errors and several sleepless nights, I finally got the positive result for my research! Very happy about it! It is all hard work.... Anyway, I am still waiting for my laptop to return to me from the HP service centre. Had called them up several times but as always, they told me they are still waiting for the display kit imported from somewhere else, far far away... It has been 4 weeks!

Life without a personal computer or laptop is sucks! I can't regularly check my emails (nearly miss some important communication with my supervisors due to that), can't type out my research report at the comfort of my own room, can't read news, no weather forecast updates, no MSN, no movies and music... it is all craps! My life is filled with PC and laptop since the age of 16. And from there on, there is no looking back.. Well, I still manage to survive on the first year undergraduate without a PC, but still... it is unbearable. Hahaha...

Ok, I will not rant too much today as the good lab result still manage to keep me smiling for the whole weekend, or at least till saturday morning! I will keep you guys updated!


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