Friday, June 08, 2007

bad bad week

this is the time of the year that ones will get struck by bad luck... and the bad luck will persist for a week, at least for 5 working days...

I have gone through the ordeal this week! All experiments fail, all out of my control. Cells not growing well, incubator contaminated, cell dye used up by others... It couldn't get any worse than this.. Really hope that next week, the cytotoxicity assay runs smoothly and yield positive results.

I am tired without the laptop, can't use weasel program to read my flow cytomerty result. PC Lab only provide WinMDI as an alternative to weasel. FYI, weasel runs on Mac OS and WinMDI runs on Windows. WinMDI is extremely unstable, It can be easily crashed! So I emulate Mac OS system in my laptop and able to use the Weasel program. Anyhow, now my laptop is still in the service centre, so have to use Win MDI at the current moment.

No photos will be uploaded to this blog temporarily, as no tools available for me to load my photos to the HDD and touch up my images...

I hope the ordeal will be over very soon!


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