Thursday, June 21, 2007

30 minutes before I go to mingle with the k562 leukemic cells again...

I am absolutely bored here in the lab. Not only in the lab, in fact in Cloister also. Weekdays from 9 to 5 I have to give all my energy and love to the cell culture--talk to them, change their medium, count how many offspring they have given birth to.. And mind you that it is just a small part of my lab work. Major work involved 5hours cytotoxicity assay, which by the way is what I am doing now, waiting for the incubation time to be over.

Many friends has started to go back to their home country. Whenever someone told me he/she is going back to his/her home country, I am always stuck with a weird feeling. Feeling of home sick? perhaps.. 9 months has past and I am here in a new found "home" away from home, satisfied? Yeah! Is my dream come true? Yeah most of it... It takes lots of guts and determination to take up the challenge and travel to UK. Once in awhile, still baffled by the financial crisis which is in a grave situation now. I never easily give up on hopes and my plans. Now I am here, living the dream.

Talking back to my friends who are going back/had gone back... especially those from Malaysia one, I am kinda envy about them, they can fly here and there without any problems albeit they are rich. Well, I will change that soon with the help of Antonio Fernandaz of Air Asia! LOL! Well, seriously, I want to start earn money now! Just don't know how to get started...

Oops, 30 minutes up, I gonna go back to my lab now. Au revoir!


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