Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is it mere attitude problem?

Read this article in the Star today, which I don't think it is merely the attitude problem. Well, the truth speaks louder than your explanation...

Rafidah: It’s an attitude problem

KUALA LUMPUR: The European Union’s envoy to Malaysia Thierry Rommel “has an attitude problem”, said International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz.

She also disputed Rommel's statement that Malaysia was losing its attractiveness to foreign investors, saying that of the RM25.5bil in investments in the manufacturing sector between January and May this year, half of it was in foreign investments.

“He has always had this problem with his attitude,” she said at the launch of Malaysia International Trade and Industry Report 2006 yesterday.

Rafidah said having known Rommel personally, she was not surprised with his disparaging remarks about the country’s policies, especially the New Economic Policy (NEP).

Expressive: Rafidah gesticulating as she delivers a speech at the launch of the report in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
She said she had questioned him regarding his comments in a magazine article that Malaysia’s attractiveness to foreign investors had weakened because of the education and economic policies favouring bumiputras at the expense of other groups.

“It was very disparaging remarks he made. He said there were companies facing problems, but he did not want to tell me what the problems were. How on earth is the Government supposed to know if he does not want to tell?”

Rafidah also described Rommel's remarks as “totally unwarranted and rubbish”.

“We are open to criticism but to make disparaging remarks is bad.

“To harp on the NEP is even worse. The NEP is no longer an issue with foreign investors because they have factored it in.”

In manufacturing, 100% foreign equity has been made available since 1997, she added.

“Rommel is obviously out of date and doesn’t know Malaysia or he has not bothered to find out.”

On June 21, Rommel said the affirmative action policy was detrimental to Malaysia and could hinder a free-trade agreement because of its protectionism.

He was subsequently summoned to Wisma Putra to explain his remarks.

In his 45-minute meeting with Foreign Ministry deputy secretary-general (I) Datuk Osman Hashim on Monday, Rommel explained that he had no intention to meddle in Malaysia’s domestic affairs and that the issue had been blown out of proportion.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i Phone-- I Want 1 !

The most anticipated Apple product will hit the stores in the US on 29th of June! The product itself is really amazing... Wifi in a phone? That is cool! I particularly amazed by the album cover scrolling and images flipping! Youtube on the phone? Yupe you bet! Google map on your phone? Who said you can't?

Anyway, I am wondering why it didn't have 3G! Oh well, the build in wifi is good enough though... Photos and video below!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

30 minutes before I go to mingle with the k562 leukemic cells again...

I am absolutely bored here in the lab. Not only in the lab, in fact in Cloister also. Weekdays from 9 to 5 I have to give all my energy and love to the cell culture--talk to them, change their medium, count how many offspring they have given birth to.. And mind you that it is just a small part of my lab work. Major work involved 5hours cytotoxicity assay, which by the way is what I am doing now, waiting for the incubation time to be over.

Many friends has started to go back to their home country. Whenever someone told me he/she is going back to his/her home country, I am always stuck with a weird feeling. Feeling of home sick? perhaps.. 9 months has past and I am here in a new found "home" away from home, satisfied? Yeah! Is my dream come true? Yeah most of it... It takes lots of guts and determination to take up the challenge and travel to UK. Once in awhile, still baffled by the financial crisis which is in a grave situation now. I never easily give up on hopes and my plans. Now I am here, living the dream.

Talking back to my friends who are going back/had gone back... especially those from Malaysia one, I am kinda envy about them, they can fly here and there without any problems albeit they are rich. Well, I will change that soon with the help of Antonio Fernandaz of Air Asia! LOL! Well, seriously, I want to start earn money now! Just don't know how to get started...

Oops, 30 minutes up, I gonna go back to my lab now. Au revoir!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Am I on the right track?

I not sure why recently these few days I kept dreaming about me in Malaysia, visiting friends, having fun... The surprising thing is that I am a PC wiz kid! I am thinking what if I choose to study computer science rather than Medical biotech... what will happen to my life?

Will I be like Ah Fatt, constantly flying to other countries, taiwan, china to set up a software firm? Or will I be able to make it to Microsoft or Sun Microsystem, or even Apple?

Well, life isn't appears like what we wanted. So we have to constantly work towards the challenges that we face, and hopefully get what we want in life.

I am tired, exhausted from the lab work, will go back home sleep now.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Finally my experiments works flawlessly!

After 1 month of trial and errors and several sleepless nights, I finally got the positive result for my research! Very happy about it! It is all hard work.... Anyway, I am still waiting for my laptop to return to me from the HP service centre. Had called them up several times but as always, they told me they are still waiting for the display kit imported from somewhere else, far far away... It has been 4 weeks!

Life without a personal computer or laptop is sucks! I can't regularly check my emails (nearly miss some important communication with my supervisors due to that), can't type out my research report at the comfort of my own room, can't read news, no weather forecast updates, no MSN, no movies and music... it is all craps! My life is filled with PC and laptop since the age of 16. And from there on, there is no looking back.. Well, I still manage to survive on the first year undergraduate without a PC, but still... it is unbearable. Hahaha...

Ok, I will not rant too much today as the good lab result still manage to keep me smiling for the whole weekend, or at least till saturday morning! I will keep you guys updated!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Picnic in the park02.06.2007

Summer is approaching, more and more people started to drop their sweater and thick jacket, embracing the wonder of the big sun. One of the famous place to hang around in the campus huge fields and lakeside.

My friends and me got the chance to have a simple picnic in the nice green field. Photos below!!!

Joke ( Pronounced as Yo-Ka) and me!!!

He is not heavy, he is my my flatmate Mark!

Random shot

Take 1, Collin with the Kentucy smile

Take 2, Martin with the Who is the muscle man look!

running around in the field

with lydia

With mark again!


Friday, June 08, 2007

bad bad week

this is the time of the year that ones will get struck by bad luck... and the bad luck will persist for a week, at least for 5 working days...

I have gone through the ordeal this week! All experiments fail, all out of my control. Cells not growing well, incubator contaminated, cell dye used up by others... It couldn't get any worse than this.. Really hope that next week, the cytotoxicity assay runs smoothly and yield positive results.

I am tired without the laptop, can't use weasel program to read my flow cytomerty result. PC Lab only provide WinMDI as an alternative to weasel. FYI, weasel runs on Mac OS and WinMDI runs on Windows. WinMDI is extremely unstable, It can be easily crashed! So I emulate Mac OS system in my laptop and able to use the Weasel program. Anyhow, now my laptop is still in the service centre, so have to use Win MDI at the current moment.

No photos will be uploaded to this blog temporarily, as no tools available for me to load my photos to the HDD and touch up my images...

I hope the ordeal will be over very soon!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The future of Computing... on the coffee table!

Oh, I am so excited when Microsoft finally released it's BETA version of surface computing technology. It is really promising and interactive! It is the most futuristic and interactive tech I ever see . Remember Tom Cruise's PC on The Minority Report? Well, it is almost identical.. just that he didn't need the coffee table!

Especially love the feature where you can show your photos on the tables and your friends can "pick it up" and have a look, zoom in and give it back to you side, just like the conventional photos!

Take a look at the Video and you will know how exciting it is!
click for video:

A typical coffee table that can be used as a desktop display

Oh, Photo show off time!

An interactive session in the restaurant table!

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