Friday, May 25, 2007

Out of Laptop for the next 10 days

I just can't believe it! First, it is the watch that is not working; then it is my mobile phone, follow suit by the pendrive, NOW... my laptop!!!

It is kinda frustrating whenever you have to call numerous times to the service centre to get them repair your laptop and to make thing worse, the calls have been diverted to some seclude area in India! In which that technician guy spelled i for London and L for India, B for Delta when making sure I got the correct URL. -_-"

I am certain that there is a loose connection or fractured flexible trace cable from the main board to the LCD display. So, this baby will need to undergo operation changes for new cables, or new LCD screen which the wires is PERMENANTLY FIX on the LCD panel. Lucky that this laptop is still under warranty, so fingers crossed! Repair without a dime!

I finally manage to arrange a pick up service from HP Repair Centre. So I am expecting this laptop will be in the repair centre for 10 days and no compensation or whatsoever being made to me. Sigh... Anyway, I have no choice but to use the PC Lab in the QMC for the meantime...


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