Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scary piece of fact!

Proof that Malaysian Parliament is bullying Chinese people and treat us as unwanted people!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Out of Laptop for the next 10 days

I just can't believe it! First, it is the watch that is not working; then it is my mobile phone, follow suit by the pendrive, NOW... my laptop!!!

It is kinda frustrating whenever you have to call numerous times to the service centre to get them repair your laptop and to make thing worse, the calls have been diverted to some seclude area in India! In which that technician guy spelled i for London and L for India, B for Delta when making sure I got the correct URL. -_-"

I am certain that there is a loose connection or fractured flexible trace cable from the main board to the LCD display. So, this baby will need to undergo operation changes for new cables, or new LCD screen which the wires is PERMENANTLY FIX on the LCD panel. Lucky that this laptop is still under warranty, so fingers crossed! Repair without a dime!

I finally manage to arrange a pick up service from HP Repair Centre. So I am expecting this laptop will be in the repair centre for 10 days and no compensation or whatsoever being made to me. Sigh... Anyway, I have no choice but to use the PC Lab in the QMC for the meantime...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday

 Yeah it is a lazy Sunday special again.. for me at least... I lay in my room, reading a bit of my handbook for dissetation writing style, cook my self a DIY noodles with eggs, talk to friends over the phone, play old school games, which I finally got my hands on. Hehe..

Street Fighter.. yeah... LOL!

A lazy stroll to the uni lake with Ceri, an crazy talk with Rourri after that in the kitchen while I'm baking my chips. And watched a movie on my bed before going to sleep. See, how lazy am I for today?

Oh right, I have the URGE to introduce you to Patrick Teoh Blog,  pretty cool! Talking all the facts that happen in Malaysia in COLD HARD WORDS!!! Kudos! He is one of the only few that dares to voice out the discriminations from the Malay to other races openly! A must read to those who think It is a wonderful world in Malaysia. P/s: Not for the patriotic Malaysian though... It might destroy your patrotism. Sorry mate, I have sworn myself to be loyal to the Queen, so please don't tell me to be patriotic to Malaysia.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

This is what I got after 8 hours in the lab

This is one of the many Cytotoxicity assay that I have done since the past few weeks. The whole proccess took me 8 hours straight! No kidding, and of course this experiment needs 2 96 well plates, one which is V shape bottom and another which is flat bottom.

I am using the Cytotox 96 LDH cytotoxicity assay, so no risk of getting a radiation if compared with the 96-chromium release assay. Full details of the experiements procedure can be found in the web. =p


Lakeside duckling...

Captured using Nokia N70 last week on the way back from Beeston.

Movie Marathon!

After the gruesome final exams and the research lab works, I need to chill! So one of the ways to do it is by watching movies!! Wee...

Friday night--Spiderman 3 with coursemates. Location: Cornerhouse. Movie verdict: Not as good as the first 2 episodes. Pretty predictable. Still watchable though... Oh, and I am impressed by the acting performance of Tobey Maguire and James Franco in the film and their acting is really convincing. Kudos for that!

Friday night after the spidey, In the room: S.W.A.T. Movie verdict: Mmm.. Story lines is not that good, but good gun fight action though. Samuel L. Jackson is cool to be a captain, other than that, nothing much to mentioned...

Saturday night, wasting my time to watch John tucker must die. It is a damn stupid chick flick. Make no sense and the story lines is too shallow! I though the 10things I hate about you movie is kinda really a waste of my time to watch, but this movie kinda nearly top the "TOP 3 turkey movies". Wanna watch a good chick flick? Try Freaky Friday, or RV which is more fun watching...

Well, good night and I gonna get some sleep now... LOL, still can't believe I pick the chick flick to spend my 2 hours rather than choose to watch Babel  or The Curse of The Golden Flower... I will watch those movies later tomorrow maybe...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sony VAIO T Series 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Sony once again come out with a really sexy model of its T series, but this special edition only available in Japan...

Some NEW special features: Lexternal antenna for wifi and 32GB Solid Storage Drive (which means no more HDD corrupted, no more bad sector.) Take a look at those photos... I know you want one! But seriously, the black piano finish on the laptop looks almost like my laptop! =p

THe Link to full report from Gizmodo: Sony VAIO T 10th Anniversary With LED Backlighting and Solid State Drive



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zoundry Blog Editor VS Windows Live Writer

I have been using these 2 blog editor side by side for quite some times. Well, to be fair, I have been using Zoundry longer than WLW.

Well since that WLW is still in Beta version, some bugs might appear and tweaking needed. I have to say that I really love the WLW WYSIWYG approach to the blog editor. It even loaded the weblog style into the program so that you can directly get the "feel" of how your posts will look like directly from the program even withot the internet conection.

Zoundry on the other hand can't really support the weblog style from, so you will need to load it up to your blog and view your blog in order to see the real result. And oh man, I am so frustrated to Zoundry as it always put double spacing for everyparagraph, making the spacing too large for my liking.

WLW doesn't have this problem but it do has its own image displaying problem. Whenever you upload the photos using the WLW, it always auto resize the original files in the file server, thus making the photos really blur. I've submitted the bug report to microsoft and one of the correspondents from Microsoft did suggest A workaround-- to use the weblog style for image bording, which in fact iprove the situation. They reliase the problem as well... Well, mind you that this is not the first time I have reported the "SAME" problem to them.

Now I will stick to WLW as it really support blog seeminglessly and GUI interface extremely user friendly, and that I have a workaround for the image problem; WLW is sure to stay in my HDD for a long time...

A Short trip to Nottingham -- backdated 05.05.2007

People always talk about how we didn't appreciate the beauty of our own backyard while keep on admiring the gardens of others... Well, I had to take a short break from the the rough revision of therapeutic immunology. So here I go with a bicycle of mine and go wandering around the Nottingham city.

This photo blog will be showing my memorable trip in Nottingham.


Some memorabilia plate dated back to 17th century and the road that leads to Nottingham Park, the prestige residential area.


It is a hilly area and even the lamp post is so old that it is gas powered. Nice bungalow. =)


King Charles Street

Nottingham Castle entrance, too bad that it is a weekend, so no free student entry, will come back again in weekday.


Pub in front of the Nottingham Castle.


Road sign


Lace Market-- the famous industry in Nottingham before WWI


Robin Hood Statue




Robin Hood statue upclose.

The oldest pub in UK-- Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem


Went to the museum to have a look. Got some of interesting exhibits there.


Wah, I didn't know that there is even a photo proof that the Trend Building in Nottingham University exist way before 20th century.

This is the sample air bomb shelter that been used during WWII


Next, I scroll around in the city centre. Really love the Hard Rock building in the middle of this photo.


 One of the many shoplots in Nottingham City.


Guess what, this church like building is in fact a bar and restaurant. Name called Pitch and Piano. Never been in there yet, but I heard it is pretty cosy in there and the food is pretty expensive. Woot!

St.Mary church, built at 14th century, man it is really cool! But do take note that on the opposite side of the street is the formal jail and a public hanging place!


A sign for the St Mary Church.


After the trip in the city centre. I went back to the White Hart nearby to my house, had a free beer courtesy of Evening Post vouchers.

Final exam of my life + Wireless Fidelity Stupidity

After going through one of the toughest exam and my last exam in my life today at 1400 in MOL2, I felt relieved that this is in fact the end of my exam life. No more memorizing those stupid drugs name and no more weird cytokines names.

But in contrary, I enjoy every moment of the stuggle for the preparation of my exams, no worries about job, money and research.. Just concentrate on the papers, journals reading and trying tons of different ways to get the information into my head, which is fun! Oh now I am crazy... LOL...

I have promised Anu that I will accompany her to the library in the night so here I am in the PC lab nearby to the medical library. 30 minutes earlier, had a glass of red wine with Ceri to celebrate the end of my final exams and catch up with her. She is the person to look for when you want to enjoy a glass of red wine, she is the red wine girl-- who loves and appreaciate a glass of good wine.

Talking about wireless Fidelity, I am so frustrated by the fact that it didn't have a wifi connection in this room! Well hell yeah, telegeneration wifi zone, well in fact the signal is too low to even get my laptop connected. Boo... I know there is a "small" space in some corners of the library which has the wifi connected, but the library now is more crowded than the london underground at the peak hour. Every single chairs is occupied by medical students. Definitelty is a rare scene to behold. Oh, look at the blonde with the mini skirt.... oh sorry, I am distrated. =p


The old PC room with CRT monitors and no WIFI!!!

Now returning back to the library PC room, a bit better in terms of air circulation, brighter and with LCD monitors, but still.. NO WIFI!


Rooms with no wifi again...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The parcel that arrived after 3 Months!

Ok, I am not pulling your leg here (or legs), this parcel that sent by my parents only arrive after 3 months! Unbelievable!

To commemorate the final arrival of the precious parcel, ladies and gentleman, I bring you -- The Chain of Reaction!! Or the Unpacking process, which ever name that you fancy! =p


1. The parcel arrive at a complete shape, no external damage seen.


2. Now for the string... Undetaching...

3. Undressing...

4. Tada.... The contents!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My New Bicycle... Sort of...

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 Yeah yeah, I know that I suppose to post this entry long ago but I am procrastinating! This is my bicycle that I bought from eBay at a dirt cheap price of 15GBP including P&P. Not bad for a used bicycle. 15speed Shimano SIS gears. (Could be better, but I don't mind...I used to have a 18speed Shimano gear bike before, but for the price, I can't complain.)

Got it on early April as my Birthday gift... Oh hang on, isn't that the 1GB CF card is my brithday gift too. LOL!!! Just another excuse to buy the things I like...

CV Updating...

It has been years since I updated my CV, I wrote my very first "serious" CV during my second year undergraduate back in 2003. Purpose: To apply for industrial attachment.

I think it is a pretty good idea that it is time now for me to totally revamp my whole CV as I've gained so many experiences and had upgraded my academic background (Ahem!) to a world class Master degree. =p

The CV did came out beautifully and being proof read by my kind supervisor--Dr. Lucy. Think this will be my CV for the PhD application then..


My draft--- in handwritings...

Friday, May 11, 2007

The launching news of Viva Perodua

Woot! The new varient of Perodua. Hmm... should I get this car or the Peugeot 306? both come in the same price tag... LOL!!!

Perodua launches Viva

KUALA LUMPUR: Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) launched its latest model, the compact and stylish Perodua Viva.

Introduced at a glittering ceremony last night, the company anticipates the Viva to be as, if not more, successful than the Myvi that was launched in 2005.

Two thousand units of the Viva are now available for registration, each priced between RM28,400 and RM44,200 on the road.

Perodua's chairman Tan Sri Datuk Asmat Kamaludin launched the new model which offers three engine capacities - 660cc, 850cc and 1,000cc.

Compact and stylish: (From left) Japan Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd executive vice-president Katsuyuki Kamio, Perodua Auto Sdn Bhd managing director Toshikaru Imanishi, Asmat and Hafiz introducing the newly launched Viva last night.

The engines have three cylinders and 12 valves and are enhanced with Dynamic Variable Valve Timing, Double Overhead Cam and Electronic Fuel Injection.

In a statement, the company said the EFI feature is a first in the 660cc and 850cc variants of any Perodua car and makes the car more environment-friendly.

Other first time features include the longest interior cabin length within the compact car segment, all four doors opening up to 90 , seat height adjusters and retractable side mirrors.

There will also be a choice of five colours, namely: silver, red, white, green and pearl jade.

Perodua managing director Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar said 58,900 units of the Viva would be produced between April and December this year with sales estimated at 6,500 units a month.

Viva Perodua

An editorial article from The Star... Have fun!!! Honestly, the 660cc varients looks really cheap with crappy plastic on the front as bumper.

Viva-cious little runner


True love. Can you find it with a car? Well, Perodua thinks so, and it believes it has the perfect little vehicle to capture your heart.

To live, to love. This is the fully-loaded 1.0l variant.

Sounds a little far-fetched? Not really, because this one will simply run and run.

It's called the Viva, and the A-segment vehicle rolls in as the Kelisa's replacement and, at some point in the near future, the Kancil's too, though not quite yet completely at the moment.

A shape that will eventually be familiar to all.

If it looks somewhat like a downsized Myvi, well, you could say it is, at least a little. Some of the contours and lines on this - essentially based on the previous generation Daihatsu Mira - will look familiar, but there is enough to suggest that it is its own car. Sleek more than outright pretty, but nonetheless a very sociable-looking creature.

As for the choice of name, "to live" is what it is, and that's what Perodua says the vehicle is all about, a vehicle that represents a love for all things vital, and a zest for life.

Clean, and unfettered, the interior layout is.

Certainly, it's a big offering for a small car - wider and longer externally than the cars it replaces (it's even longer than the Myvi, at 1845mm to the latter's 1835mm), the cheer is carried into the interior, where significantly more cabin volume than the Kancil and Kelisa is to be found.

The design cues in the cabin falls in line with what was first seen in the Myvi; the lines and colour combinations give the interior a clean, unfettered look.

What it looks like from the rear ...

Granted, you could call it plain, and some parts are still a little plasticky to touch and sight, but on the whole, there's lots of appeal; given that this is an entry-level, affordably priced A-segment vehicle, it is eminently forgivable.

Whatever it is, it all feels and looks light years ahead of that in a Kancil, if you do a quick A-B jump-in comparison.

You can fill 'er up, certainly.

Notable features include all doors that open to a class-leading 90º wide angle, and improved luggage carrying capacity with the rear seats folded down.

There's also a fair bit in the way of storage compartments, a big plus. The 1.0l models come with an integrated seat height adjuster, which allows the seat to be raised by 45mm; handy, this one.

Space, there's quite a bit of it.

In all, the Viva features a rather comprehensive standard equipment list, though most of these are to be found on the Premium variant - if you want ABS and EBD, dual SRS airbags, reverse sensor, seat belt anchor adjuster and retractable side mirrors, this is the one you need to be looking at.

Three engine choices are available for the Viva, these being the EF-VE 660cc, ED-VE 850cc and EJ-VE 1.0l; all three 3-cylinder, 12-valve units come shod with DOHC, electronic fuel injection and DVVT (dynamic variable valve timing).

At the heart of the matter.

Power output for the 660 is 47bhp at 7,200rpm, while max torque is 58Nm at 4,400rpm. The 850 turns out 52bhp at 6,000rpm (and 76Nm at 4,000rpm), while the 1.0l puts out 60bhp at 6,000rpm (and 90Nm at 3,600rpm). Kerb weight starts from 755kg for the 660 to 800kg for the 1.0l auto.

A total of six variants will initially go on sale, with a choice of a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic drivetrains. The 660cc comes only in five-speed manual, as does the 850cc, and the 1.0l versions are split into four forms, these being the 1.0 SX manual (standard trim), 1.0 EZ auto (standard), 1.0 SXi manual (premium) and 1.0 EZi auto (premium).

Never have an uncomfortable moment belted up again.

In terms of actual performance, there is enough to put together a brief, initial report. Weeks ago, Perodua organised a test drive for the media, but such was the need to keep things under wraps that the event was held inside the confines of Sebana Cove Resort in Johor.

The drive time was very limited - what else would you call six minutes in a Viva, covering a total of 4,400m (well, it does sound more impressive than saying 4.4km)?

See, it did rain ...

That it rained didn't help things further; speeds went down to a brisk pace of about 50kph. In effect, there was little to be had about the vehicle as far as notes were concerned.

But there were observations made, not gleaned from the above drive, of course. While not divulging any details, I can tell you that vis-à-vis against the Kancil, there is enough improvement in overall terms that it's safe to say there's no looking - or going - back once you've gotten behind the wheel of the new one.

The 660 in action.

For one, steering response and overall drivability levels are way up - even in basic form, the Viva shows up the Kancil for what it is, something that's soldiered on for a good 13 years now. It feels zippier, more nimble, and on the whole, a more cheerful proposition to nip about town in.

Seat comfort is decent, and though the three-cylinder jobs mean that the Viva is hardly the final word in refinement, noise levels are decently manageable for intermediate-haul city use.

Or if you prefer, in more upmarket form and different colour.

Ditto the Kelisa. While that was certainly fun to drive, it's now consigned to history. The Viva displays less verve and gumption, but it is more refined and - in a straight line anyway - not any less inspired; the 1.0l, in particular, feels quite the brisk, peppy performer, and is obviously the pick of the entire lot.

Perodua states that the Viva has 90% local content from rollout, a considerable achievement. The company is expecting a sales target of 6,500 units per month, of which 55% is expected to be 1.0l variants.

Dial this one for fun.

Production capacity is a maximum of 8,000 units per month, so that should mean less waiting time, unless everyone rushes out and orders one now. Still, there's decent stock on hand; 2,000 units are available at launch.

Ah, yes, prices. The 660 goes for RM28,400 (solid) and RM28,800 (metallic), while the 850 is priced at RM32,500 (solid) and RM32,900 (metallic).

So, what do you see? Winged creature? Car? Wide indeed, the door opening angle.

For the 1.0 SX, it's RM36,800 (solid) and RM37,200 (metallic); the 1.0 EZ is RM39,800 (solid) and RM40,200 (metallic), while the 1.0 SXi is RM40,800 (solid) and RM41,200 (metallic).

Finally, the 1.0 EZi, which goes for RM43,800 (solid) and RM44,200 (metallic); all prices are on-the-road, with insurance. Oh, and how about this - the Viva comes with a three-year warranty. It's a first for Perodua.

Five colour options start the ball rolling, these being Glittering Silver, Passion Red, Tropical Green and Pearl Jade, all metallics, with Ivory White the only solid colour.

Take your pick.

A black unit was spotted during the test drive, but it'll be some time before that comes into the line-up. Yes, and given the example pictured above, there should be a blue somewhere in the future too, I suppose.

So, true love? By all accounts, surely, interminably, until the next one comes along to replace it years on - if the target is to deliver the best entry compact in the country, then the Viva hits the spot quite nicely. Like I said earlier, this one will simply run and run.

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