Sunday, April 22, 2007

updates you say???

It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. Nothing much happen in my past week except that I am pretty darn busy with my experiments. Been to the lab from Monday till Friday 9 to 4pm.

Finals is approaching and I am behind studies... Well, I am not the only one who think s like that, even Johnny and other coursemates feel like that. The research projects occupies too much time of ours, when the night falls, we are so tired till even to cook for ourselves...

I have cut down drastically on my part time job too, to "compensate" the time taken up by research. Just can't imagine if I take up PhD without a studentship and still working part time to earn the living costs.

Well, after 7 months of enduring such a challenge, my body finally can't take it anymore and fall sick. I had a cold and feel sucks! Today particularly I feel bad and sick. Have been popping PCM and head to sleep after my early dinner and sleep till just now. Feel much better now, will get back to rest till morning and start my revision regime for the final exam, most probably the last exams of my life. After this, I will be evaluated solely by viva and presentations and research papers.

Some friends do ask don't you feel tired? Yes I do, I am darn tired. But, what is the meaning of life if there is no more challenges, dreams and targets that keep you moving forward? I keep telling myself, after these few months I will realize my dream of getting a master degree. I will graduate! Then, there will be a bright future for me, no more financial constraint, say yes to occasional takeaways and eatout, say yes to buying stuff that I wanted...

4 more months I say, 4 more months and I will start my new journey to the financial acquirement and perhaps a PhD. Soon, I will be well known, to prove to others that in hardships, there is sweet success!

On another note, that Angeline sent me message asking me how am I doing here. I replied coldly saying that I haven't catch up with her since after she graduated. She didn't even take a initiative to contact me when back in Malaysia. It is I who always contact her and inform her of my stuff. WTF! Until that very night b4 I fly to UK then I know she is flying to UK too, surprise surprise! It is me who sent sms to all my contacts bidding good bye to them, then only she replied to tell me 24hours b4 i fly.

Well, I gonna get back to my bed now, will get some rest and start a new day tomorrow...


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