Monday, April 23, 2007

The neighbor who is too loud + the fail pasembor project that cost me a bomb!!!

Well well well, today is Sunday and guess what is the most "relaxing time" to wake up other than being bombarded by the horrendous loud volume of Bangladesh BBC radio next door. I didn't recognize a single words being uttered from the radio except the word "BBC" (oi, not British Born Chinese ar, it is British Broadcasting Corporations).

Hot blooded! Reluctantly crawl out from my nest and have a quickie breakfast and study. Study goes alright till noon, had the crave for Pasembor since yesterday. Went to Beeston to buy the Satay sauce and other stuff. Damn! A small bottle of sauce cost me GBP 2.65!!! It better taste as good as it priced!

Back to my room, continue my study and this time the noise came from another neighbor and his guest. They talked so loudly till the whole corridor can hear them so clearly. I am not sure what are they talking about though as I didn't know any african languages. Their laugh in the room shakes the walls and vibrate the windows. No kidding!!! walau e... Can't imagine? Then welcome to my room and have a taste of it! His "close" friend always ring our door buzzer in the early morning, I am talking about 730 in the morning... I definitely will have a word with him if he keeps doing it for the next few days! Not only that, they surely make their superior assumption that everybody wakes up at 730 in the morning and chat in the room loudly! I am not the one who is complaining, even the residents upstairs rant about it! WTF!!!

Dinner time, made pasembor and share it with anu, kiran, pear and felicity. It taste different from the original pasembor. The satay sauce taste so so only.. wa, yeoh heap seng some more... will complaint to YY! Oi, YY tell ur boss the product sent here is not tasty ar, what happen???

For those who didn't taste the real thing b4, they all said it is tasty and cool! Err... -_-" Oh, anu and kiran guide me to do the indian bahji earlier on to replace the original pasembor "kuih". It is my idea of using that to replace it. It turns out to be ok.

oops, sorry, when having the pasembor, too busy till forget to snap the photo first... =p


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