Friday, April 27, 2007

This week experiments + new USB Pendrive + Ugly Betty

This week experiments seems all getting hay wires. Apart from the OK looking LDH cytotoxicity assay, the flow cytometry tests didn;t hit the ideal events of 50,000; the 72hr NK cells in incubator seems to be missing in actions, can't get the ideal millions cellls in the 96 wells. Fuyoh.... Well, just as what Rich said, it sometimes happen. It did happen and I don't want to repeat it again. Been troubleshooting since morning till now. Identified some area which I need to take extra care of. Well, today marked the start of the study week for me. Exam is coming soon, I meant very soon!

Oh well, Nina gave me a new 1GB pendrive. She thought I might need it for recording my lab data and PDF... Well, it is kinda a surprise for me. Even though it is a lab property and I might need to return it after I graduate, but I don't dare to tell other coursemates as this might cause jealousy...haha, except for Johnny and Kailyn ar... think they might peep into this blog once in a while...


Having doses of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. since last few months to make myself laugh...haha! Well it is a tiring day and all I wanted is a good laugh and the short series fit the bill. It can make me laugh and it will end within 1 hour. Since I almost finished watching all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episodes, I found Ugly Betty seems to be able to replace the laughter doses. Have been watching it for a few days. The first few episodes looks like a spoof from The Devil Wears Prada. Well, almost... just that Ugly Betty portrayed it better. Originally I wish to d/l Malcolm in the Middle, but there are no resource around, and Scrubs is not my favorite one (not sure what makes Ashley so glued about it). Hope that I can find something funny to watch....

Song listening to: Hotel California -- The Eagles

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The marathon experiments which run without a glitch

Today as early as 830 in the morning, I have arrived in the lab ready to get my blood drawn for the third time and get all the 5 experiments going! It can't be help as all these has to be done in 1 day as the blood can't be keep for too long.

The experiments ran for so long.... till 6pm. But overall it runs smoothly. Damn hating the cytotoxicity assay, takes 4 hours to incubate, then another 30 mins after ward! WTF!!! No other methods can replace this??? Extremely complex calculations and still have to fiddles 2 "96-well" plates. Mind you, all the plates are fully plated!!!

Well, gonna do it again on thursday and friday, but this time no need to donate blood as i am doing the 72 hours incubation, so use the residue... but still, will work till 330pm for the damn assay... Can't it be done by new version of ELISA? Seems that it can't...sigh...

The door to my research dungeon...

This is me, photo snapped long time ago...

Boring wall signboard...

Monday, April 23, 2007


Nothing much to report for today as I am too disappointed to myself for being so slow in some complicated calculations for media mixture till it cost me running late for the experiments. To be frank, I have to do 5 experiments in a go and a bit slow due to the tiredness after so much concentration. That will cost me 30ml of my blood for tomorrow continuation of my experiment.

What the heck! I will leave it behind for now and rest well before the big show down tomorrow.

Oh, and that is me with the EOS 400D back in home town way back in Sept 2006. Please note that I am not the one who his hand on his cheek! I am the one who is handling the EOS!!!

The neighbor who is too loud + the fail pasembor project that cost me a bomb!!!

Well well well, today is Sunday and guess what is the most "relaxing time" to wake up other than being bombarded by the horrendous loud volume of Bangladesh BBC radio next door. I didn't recognize a single words being uttered from the radio except the word "BBC" (oi, not British Born Chinese ar, it is British Broadcasting Corporations).

Hot blooded! Reluctantly crawl out from my nest and have a quickie breakfast and study. Study goes alright till noon, had the crave for Pasembor since yesterday. Went to Beeston to buy the Satay sauce and other stuff. Damn! A small bottle of sauce cost me GBP 2.65!!! It better taste as good as it priced!

Back to my room, continue my study and this time the noise came from another neighbor and his guest. They talked so loudly till the whole corridor can hear them so clearly. I am not sure what are they talking about though as I didn't know any african languages. Their laugh in the room shakes the walls and vibrate the windows. No kidding!!! walau e... Can't imagine? Then welcome to my room and have a taste of it! His "close" friend always ring our door buzzer in the early morning, I am talking about 730 in the morning... I definitely will have a word with him if he keeps doing it for the next few days! Not only that, they surely make their superior assumption that everybody wakes up at 730 in the morning and chat in the room loudly! I am not the one who is complaining, even the residents upstairs rant about it! WTF!!!

Dinner time, made pasembor and share it with anu, kiran, pear and felicity. It taste different from the original pasembor. The satay sauce taste so so only.. wa, yeoh heap seng some more... will complaint to YY! Oi, YY tell ur boss the product sent here is not tasty ar, what happen???

For those who didn't taste the real thing b4, they all said it is tasty and cool! Err... -_-" Oh, anu and kiran guide me to do the indian bahji earlier on to replace the original pasembor "kuih". It is my idea of using that to replace it. It turns out to be ok.

oops, sorry, when having the pasembor, too busy till forget to snap the photo first... =p

Sunday, April 22, 2007

updates you say???

It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. Nothing much happen in my past week except that I am pretty darn busy with my experiments. Been to the lab from Monday till Friday 9 to 4pm.

Finals is approaching and I am behind studies... Well, I am not the only one who think s like that, even Johnny and other coursemates feel like that. The research projects occupies too much time of ours, when the night falls, we are so tired till even to cook for ourselves...

I have cut down drastically on my part time job too, to "compensate" the time taken up by research. Just can't imagine if I take up PhD without a studentship and still working part time to earn the living costs.

Well, after 7 months of enduring such a challenge, my body finally can't take it anymore and fall sick. I had a cold and feel sucks! Today particularly I feel bad and sick. Have been popping PCM and head to sleep after my early dinner and sleep till just now. Feel much better now, will get back to rest till morning and start my revision regime for the final exam, most probably the last exams of my life. After this, I will be evaluated solely by viva and presentations and research papers.

Some friends do ask don't you feel tired? Yes I do, I am darn tired. But, what is the meaning of life if there is no more challenges, dreams and targets that keep you moving forward? I keep telling myself, after these few months I will realize my dream of getting a master degree. I will graduate! Then, there will be a bright future for me, no more financial constraint, say yes to occasional takeaways and eatout, say yes to buying stuff that I wanted...

4 more months I say, 4 more months and I will start my new journey to the financial acquirement and perhaps a PhD. Soon, I will be well known, to prove to others that in hardships, there is sweet success!

On another note, that Angeline sent me message asking me how am I doing here. I replied coldly saying that I haven't catch up with her since after she graduated. She didn't even take a initiative to contact me when back in Malaysia. It is I who always contact her and inform her of my stuff. WTF! Until that very night b4 I fly to UK then I know she is flying to UK too, surprise surprise! It is me who sent sms to all my contacts bidding good bye to them, then only she replied to tell me 24hours b4 i fly.

Well, I gonna get back to my bed now, will get some rest and start a new day tomorrow...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My jammed packed timetable in April 2008 lab works all the way and where is the time slot for my study and exercise time...

My timetable here is so compact and filled with tons of lab works... Don't even have time to chill... Oh, thank god for the invention of PDA and the Palm appointment software. At least I will not miss any appointments. Look at my timetable, You will faint!!!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Malaysian Chinese MTV.. Walau ee...

Got this MTV in youtube, sing about many true things happening in Malaysia. LOL when hear about the malay perception about the chinese... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! This MTV Contains extremely explicit lyrics!!!

Woot Muar mandarin!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First day working in lab + some random photos taken from the Nokia N70

After a bit of glitch the earlier week,I finally start my lab training for my project today.

Project Title: Cytotoxicity in COPD

Basically the aim of my project is to examine the cytotoxic effect of peripheral blood CD8+ cells in patients with COPD. I have to "donate" my precious 30ml of blood to use as a control cells. So, since 9 O'clock, the nurse in QMC welcomed me into the phlebotomy room with a big open arms! Err... big sharp needles I suppose. My PhD mentor Nina told me she has been "contributing her blood" to the scientific community for quite some times now... well, it gives me goose bumps whenever I think back of it..
After the frightening experience of being poked by large needle and witnessed my thick dark red blood being filled into 3 blood tubes, we started our cell separation process right away.
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC separation) -- Alas the beginning of the yawning process... haha!!!

The materials we used here include RPMI 1640 (oh the ever familiar medium to me) and Histopaque. Pipettes and sterile tubes are all essentials for this process.05042007274.jpg

I'll cut the details down for your viewing pleasure and save you from suffocated by those tini tiny details..

First, we have to dilute the blood with RPMI 1640 in 2:1 potion. Then gently using a Pasteur pipette layer the the blood onto the Histopaque in a new sterile tube.
05042007273.jpgOoo... See my blood!!! -_-"

Centrifuge it down, then remove the PBMC from the surface of the Histopaque. Becareful not to remove too many serum as this might contaminate your samples with tons of platelets! Oh, and try not to remove too much of Histopaque too as it is toxic to the cells!

Then, top up the PBMC with RPMI medium, centrifuge again. Collect pellet, re suspend with 5ml of RPMI and do cell count. Woot!! Fill up the tube with RPMI again and centrifuge. Then centrifuge, and re suspend. There you go!!! PBMC successfully separated.

Second step is to filter out the CD8+ cells. This is done by filtering through the magnetic board... How this is done and what's the logic behind it? Easy, first you bind magnetic beads into the PBMC that you have collected. CD8+ cells binds with the magnetic beads, when we filter through the magnetic boards, the CD8+ cells will stick in the magnetic field while other stuff being washed out. Viola! You will get a full CD8+ cells.

combo.gifMagnetic beads and the board

That's it for the first experiments...

Photos snapped using nokia N70... Taken during my part time work...

04042007266.jpg Nick, my work supervisor and a good friend.

04042007267.jpgJoe, final year in Nottingham Uni...

04042007268.jpgKate, PhD in medical science, decided to change career...hehe...

04042007271.jpgShe claimed that she looks like Posh Beckham, do you agree?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google ads for my income to collect PhD tuition fees.

I have made a decision to include adsense advert in my blog to make extra income. Adsense is using the pay per click method to calculate the earning for each individual account. More info can be found in

Please understand that this is for my tuition fees. Hehe... Tell me what do you think about it. like it? Hate it? Please let me know. Thanks!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Singpore done it again succesfully... Malaysia, you will suffer more braindrain

Singapore has once again shows their deep appreciation of talented people in Malaysia. Read the news article attached below and you will know what I meant.

Malaysia, as always, not appreciating its talented people and keep on depressing them. And a lot of cases where discrimination happens but not shed to light. Many people don't dare to voice out out of fear of being detained by ISA. Well, if you are still narrow minded and still maintained the quota system in the country, many people will just run away to find a greener pastures..

UM, UKM medical grads allowed to practise in Singapore

PETALING JAYA: Singapore's gain will be Malaysia's loss, this time over the recruitment of doctors.

This follows the decision of the Singapore Government to allow medical graduates from Universiti Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia to practise in the city-state.

UM and UKM are the first institutions within Asean to receive such approval in the republic, which was announced by Singapore's Ministry of Health on Friday.

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), which said Singapore's move would worsen the shortage of medical specialists here, nevertheless welcomed the announcement that was also hailed by the Singapore Medical Association.

Dr Teoh: 'This is a lesson for our Health Ministry ... to appreciate the fact that Malaysian doctors are valued around the world'

MMA president Datuk Dr Teoh Siang Chin said the decision was to do with "quality, not quantity."

"It is a good thing for both patients and the profession. Doctors should be free to move where they want," he said.

On the medical "brain drain" impact on Malaysia, Dr Teoh said this was bound to occur in any case.

"This is a lesson for our Health Ministry ... to appreciate the fact that Malaysian doctors, especially government doctors, are valued around the world," he said.

Singapore Medical Association president Dr Wong Chiang Yin was reported to have described the decision as a step in the right direction, and hoped it would lead to more medical interaction on both sides.

"It is about going forward, and we welcome each other.

"There is a lot of talent, especially from those two universities (UM and UKM)," he added.
UKM greeted Singapore's decision with pride. Its medical faculty dean, Prof Datuk Dr Lokman Saim, said:

Prof Lokman: 'Our public universities produce about 1,000 doctors every year and we will have enough doctors in our country'

"It is a good move as it shows that the standard of our medical graduates is being recognised. Singapore's standard of care is higher and it will be a good opportunity for our local graduates to show their capabilities. This augurs well for our local education system."

He did not think that there would be a doctor exodus as Singapore was not heavily populated.

"Our public universities produce about 1,000 doctors every year and we will have enough doctors in our country," he said, but acknowledged that Singapore held the edge in terms of remuneration.

A senior staff of a private medical institution here revealed that private hospital groups from Singapore had been coming over in a bid to woo those with potential to be good doctors.

"Before, they were high and mighty and did not recognise medical transfer degree programmes.

"But now they're facing a shortage and need to get the manpower so their health system can function,'' he added.

Medical graduates from 18 institutions, from Canada, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the United States, can also practise in Singapore.

The Singapore ministry said re-cognising the additional universities would help Singapore hospitals in the republic recruit good doctors to meet rising demand.

As at the end of 2006, there were 250 positions for doctors waiting to be filled in public hospitals there.

Singapore currently has 7,611 registered doctors, including 2,286 who were trained in foreign institutions.

The Singapore Medical Council currently has 86 Malaysian doctors on its register.

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