Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weird Three Mobile services

I decided to send in my nokia N series for a service as the front camera used for tele conference is not working. To send in the phone is as easy as ABC, I called up the service centre, and they sent me an envelope to send them my phone. Painless.

Now now, I figured that as I am out of the N series, I need to have a backup phone. Alas, Justin's old SE phone comes in handy. I borrow the phone from him, then backing up all my data from Nokia to my laptop. Just as I inserted the 3 mobile SIM card in the SE phone, it can't detect it... I insert my other malaysian in active sim card, and it works...

A call to Three mobile call centre revealed that the SIM card only works only THREE branded mobile.. HUH?? What if I want to upgrade my mobile to an unlocked mobile? Strange strange way of doing business. This way it can't retain the customers... Lei Kah Seng, tell me how this can attract customer??

I have no choice now to get a loan phone from the city centre... Walau e...


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