Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ebay bidder bastard

Certainly in this world you can't expect every single one is as nice as me(ahem!).
In notts alone, I have encountered 2 separate incidents that made me feels like this is not a perfect society after all.

The first incident happen a week before christmas, 2 local bastards steal a scarf from a stall and throw at me, accusing me of stealing it! Luckily my notts friends who happen to witness the whole incident come up to me and explain the whole incident to the store owner. IF not because of my friends, I think I might stay a night in the police station while waiting for them to check on the CCTV installed on the street.

Now now, the second notts bastard come to light on eBay. I advertise on the ebay to sell my pen drive, stated postal only. This bastard won the item and didn't pay up. To make the matter worse, he wanted to pickup the item himself/herself. I try to explain to him/her that only postal. Ever since, he/she started to send abusive and unwelcome emails to me. I have reported the case to eBay. Hope they will help me out. IF the matter gone worse, I will consider to make a police report, IF, i say if he started to haul racists sentences to me. Well, I am not gonna sell him any items next time as other sellers experienced the same thing. Damn BASTARD. Hope eBay will blacklist him and bar him from bidding AGAIN!!!


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